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Mat Franco pulled off quite the trick on America's Got Talent last night:

He became the first magician to ever take home to top prize on this reality show.

The impressive illusionist held off singer Emily West, winning $1 million in the process and earning the chance to headline his own show in Las Vegas.

The Rhode Island native told NBC 10 News on the red carpet after winning: "It all still fells like a dream at this point. This is just unbelievable."

"It's outrageous. I can't believe it was me,"

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And then there were two... who we believe should win America's Got Talent this summer.

Yes, AcroArmy is an impressive collection of acrobatic prowess; and, sure singer Miguel Dakota has some pipes.

We've been blown away at times by magician Mat Franco and we do hope the band Sons of Serendip has a bright future in front of it.

But last night's performance finale of America's Got Talent drove home the point, at least in our view: this is a two-person race.

There's Quintavious Johnson, who is somehow only 12 years old.

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With all due respect to Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj, this is Ariana Grande's year.

The 21-year-old chart-topping songbird is everywhere lately, reaching #1 in 80 countries and performing at almost that many live events it seems.

Her latest conquest? The America’s Got Talent elimination show last night, on which she brought down the house with a rendition of "Break Free" ...

Perhaps it's no surprise that Ariana has teamed up with the aforementioned Iggy and Nicki this year, as they have been three of the biggest names in pop.

Sunday evening at the VMAs, Grande, Minaj and Jessie J performed together on stage, then dropped the official "Bang Bang" music video hours later.

She previously scored a massive hit with "Problem," featuring Azalea, and now is torching the charts again with her latest single, “Break Free.”

Ariana Grande is dating Big Sean as well. It's a busy year for the youngster!

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Nick Cannon went white face again on America's Got Talent last night.

But this time the outfit didn't stir up any controversy.

Indeed, Cannon faced criticism for donning white face in promotion of his upcoming album, the host dressed up like a mime on Tuesday's premiere of this NBC competition.

He was an especially bad and aggressive mime, approaching the judges' table at one point and causing Howie Mandell to call for security.

But Cannon then yanked off his disguise, as seen here, and Howard Stern dubbed the prank as "maybe the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent."

Bravo, Nick.

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America's Got Talent will have a very familiar look to it next summer:

NBC announced yesterday that all four judges from Season 8 - Heidi Klum, Melanie Brown, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel - will return to the panel on Season 9.

America's Got Talent Table

"Howard, Heidi, Mel and Howie have proven that they are a dynamic quartet of judges who aren't afraid to share their opinions, while at the same time creating fireworks of their own," Paul Telegdy, NBC's alternative programming head, said in a statement. "Along with Nick serving as an incomparable host, our talent onTalent is among the finest on all of television."

Auditions for new episodes are already underway, with contestants hoping to follow in the winning footsteps of Kenichi Ebina.

That dancer took home the top prize on Season 8.

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Take a bow, Kenichi Ebina. You have the most talent in the country.

Following a summer of dazzling performances on NBC, this unique dancer was named the America's Got Talent champion last night, a few weeks after Howie Mandell named him the front runner, gushing over his unmatched abilities.

"It's amazing," Kenichi said after his victory. "I want to thank my wife and my daughter [for] being supportive all the way through and all the fans that support us."

Ebina defeated Taylor Williamson in the final vote, earning himself $1 million and a Las Vegas show in the process.

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Samantha Lynn Goudie may have a talent for drinking, but she's no Kenichi Ebina.

The unique dancer wowed audiences and judges once again on America's Got Talent last night, with Howie Mandel exclaiming:

"You, sir, are the biggest talent in the world.... You have the variety. You’re a comedian. You are a dancer. You are a mime. You are an artist. You are a writer... You’re the man. You should win a million dollars!”

Heidi Klum chimed in and labeled Ebina a "genius," while Melanie Brown said she would pay to see him in Vegas.

Is Ebina being over-praised? Actually under-praised? Watch highlights from his performance below and decide for yourself:

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Catapult Entertainment catapulted itself to the top of the America's Got Talent leaderboard last night, thanks to a routine that was both awe-inspiring and tear-inducing.

The unusual dance group - which combines the art of illusion and body magic - performed a routine set to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December.

It used a screen and silhouettes to tell a moving story and earned high praise from Heidi Klum and company.

“You guys are on a different level of imagination. It is so beautiful to watch what you guys do behind that screen,” Klum said afterward, “This is the best act of tonight. I love it.”

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Brad Paisley is done being an Accidental Racist.

Now, he's just a realistic country singer.

The superstar debuted "I Can't Change the World" on last night's America's Got Talent results show, performing the third track of the album "Wheelhouse."

It's a slow, beautiful ballad that shouldn't garner the same controversy as the artist's aforementioned duet with LL Cool J from earlier this year. Give the single a listen now:

As for the actual America's Got Talent results?

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Fortunately for men across America, it doesn't take a look to get Heidi Klum naked. The super model loves to ditch her clothing and Tweet about it.

But getting the America's Got Talent judge to cry? To gush about you in front of a national audience? That requires major pipes.

Enter Branden James, an openly gay opera singer who wowed all panelists on last night's edition of this NBC hit, but none more than Heidi.

“I’ve just always loved you,” a teary Klum said after James covered Josh Grobam. ”I feel your emotion when you sing. I’m like right there with you when you sing.”

See what all the emotional fuss is about now:

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