It's time to pull the plug on Grey's Anatomy.

This ABC drama has enjoyed an incredible run, putting Shonda Rhimes on the map, resurrecting the career of Patrick Dempsey and causing millions of viewers to put the prefix "Mc" before nearly everything.

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Do not adjust your screens, American Idol fans. You did not suffer from a bout of Déjà vu last night.

This year's final 12 contestants really did perform all over again, just 24 hours after doing that exact thing on stage Wednesday evening.

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American Idol Season 14 is down to a dozen.

The Fox competition combined another performance night with another set of eliminations on Wednesday, as viewers chose to vote off Mark Andrew, Adam Ezegelian, Loren Lott and Alexis Gomez.

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A new crop of talent has been chosen and tonight, the American Idol Season 14 Top 12 guys will hit the stage for the first of several grueling weeks of live performances. Except they won't be doing it in Hollywood! 

The judges and contestants--and Ryan Seacrest, of course--have hit the road! Tonight's performances are coming to us from Detroit, Michigan.

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American Idol Quotes

Brooke White's tears come from the authentic, good soul that she is. Her heart was breaking because she was overwhelmed with the experience she had with the show and the gift that it brought.

Paula Abdul [after Brooke White was eliminated on season seven]

I read some of this online this morning and just for the record, the rumors — they’re not true. She’s part of our family and we love her.

Ryan Seacrest [on rumor of Paula Abdul being drunk on the show]