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The Bling Ring trailer premiered earlier this week, and reality star Alexis Neiers, one of the people the film is based on, is not happy about it.

When asked by a reporter on Twitter what she thought of the trailer for the upcoming film, Neiers responded (across multiple tweets) thusly:

Alexis Neiers Mugshot

"It's trashy and inaccurate. Based on Detective Goodkin and Nancy Joe Sales inaccurate information. 2 people who are everything they accused us of being."

"Celebrity status obsessed, fame & money hungry..."

Neiers is the basis for the character of Nikki, played by Emma Watson in the film. Watson has described the character as "superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral."

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L.A. Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza ordered alleged reality TV star Alexis Neiers to one year of residential drug treatment (rehab) at a hearing today.

He threatened to throw the Pretty Wild star behind bars if she violates her probation again like she did with her recent black tar heroin arrest, reports say.

Prior to the ruling, Neiers' lawyer put it all out there for the court: "My client has an addiction to heroin. We would like you to sentence her accordingly."

PRETTY STUPID WILD: Alexis Neiers beat the rap for now.

Judge Espinoza agreed, but warned her: "If you violate probation again, and come back for another violation, you are going to state prison for two years."

Neiers, 19, was on probation in the first place after pleading no contest to first degree residential burglary as part of the Burglar Bunch (a.k.a. Bling Ring).

She'll forever be a part of our celebrity mug shots gallery.

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Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers' probation was revoked after her recent black tar heroin arrest. That will usually do it. She was ordered to be held without bail.

Pending a hearing Thursday, she'll be chilling in jail. The E! reality star had been on probation after being arrested in a celebrity burglary ring last year.

Alexis Neiers was arrested this week when she failed to check in with her probation officer, cops came to her home in response and found her with heroin.

The Burglar Bunch

BLING RING: Also known as the Burglar Bunch, these tools broke into a lot of celebrity homes. It's not Alexis Neiers' (top right) last visit to our celebrity mug shots page.

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These Alexis Neiers booking photos may not rank among the most infamous of the 279 celebrity mug shots in our gallery (a classic gallery), but they're hilarious.

Free bird? Not so much after this, sweetheart!

As we reported earlier, Alexis Neiers got popped for a probation violation, heroin possession and a fake ID. That t-shirt is looking like wishful thinking ...

  • Alexis Neiers Mugshot
  • Alexis Neiers Mug Shot

PRETTY WILD (AND FUNNY): Maybe they can issue a custom orange jumpsuit with "Free Bird" emblazoned on the back in honor of this reality star/train wreck.

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Alexis Neiers of E!'s Pretty Wild fame was just arrested for a probation violation and authorities say she was in possession of black tar heroin when busted.

Neiers never checked in for probation after being released from jail in July (always a smart move), so this morning, cops decided to visit her at home.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Black tar heroin, an extremely potent form of that drug, was discovered on the premises, and immediately Neiers was placed under arrest as a result.

PRETTY STUPID: That's putting it mildly.

Alexis Neiers is still on probation for burglarizing celebrity homes in L.A. last year, so this new arrest could lead to some serious time in the slammer.

She was also found with a fake Florida driver's license and was booked on a probation violation, possession of a controlled substance, and perjury.

Forget using heroin ... all you have to do is check in with the probation officer, Alexis! How hard is that? You KNOW they'll look for you otherwise!

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While reports start to spread about Lindsay Lohan's greatly reduced prison term, the troubled actress can look to Alexis Neiers for inspiration.

That E! reality star was freed from jail yesterday after serving just 30 days of a 180-day sentence. She was arrested earlier this year for her part in the "bling ring," as a bunch of morons went around stealing from celebrities.

Neiers has released this statement:

"I've had time to reflect on my life and the choices that led me to this experience, left alone in my cell 23 hours a day and having everything stripped away but the bare essentials. I did a lot of soul searching. I feel very humbled and see my life in a way that I have come to be very grateful for and I am also grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me through this.

I am committed to talking to teens and encouraging them to become goal oriented and participate in positive activities that give back to their world."

You can catch Alexis on the show Pretty Wild. You can also start searching for a life and some hobbies if you actually spend your time doing this.

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An 18-year-old who pursued fame on a reality TV show after being prosecuted for her role in the "bling ring" celebrity burglary case was sentenced to six months in jail.

Alexis Neiers was a relatively minor player in the ring - also termed the Burglar Bunch - but took a bigger role when her arrest coincided with production of Pretty Wild.

That E! show depicts Alexis and her two sisters growing up in the fast lane in suburban Los Angeles as aspiring starlets ... and apparently, robbers. Nice work, ladies!

Neiers will be also placed on three years probation and must pay restitution to Orlando Bloom, whose home was burglarized by Neiers and several others, police said.

Alexis Neiers Mug Shot

PRETTY JAILED: Alexis Neiers is going to prison. Wild!

Dressed in a black blazer, designer jeans and white shoes, Alexis stood with a sullen expression in court. She was given a two-year suspended sentence for the crime.

Bloom was among a dozen high-profile celebrities - including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge and Rachel Bilson - targeted in 2008 and 2009 by the ring.

The troubled teens were somehow able to steal millions in valuables before getting caught. Nick Prugo was the first of the tools to be thrown in the shed.

So to speak.

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