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George Zimmerman has been released from custody following Monday's allegedly heated dispute with his sobbing, estranged wife Shellie, who called 911.

On the phone with dispatchers, Shellie Zimmerman claimed that her spouse was threatening her and her father with a gun and that feared for her life.

Local police converged on the home in the Orlando, Fla., suburb of Lake Mary and held George Zimmerman in custody, though he was not arrested.

After speaking to her attorney, Shellie changed her story.

She said she never saw a gun and that she and her father, whom she said Zimmerman had punched in the face, had no interest in pressing charges.

Police later said they did not find a gun on Zimmerman.

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George Zimmerman is reportedly in custody following a dispute involving his wife.

Police in Lake Mary, Florida, said that Zimmerman is being held at a residence of a relative on suspicion of domestic battery of his estranged wife.

There is a gun at the home and police are investigating whether it was used.

It's unclear what caused the fight between George and Shellie Zimmerman.

He hasn't been arrested. Rather, "as of right now, he has been placed in investigative detention," Lake Mary, Fla., police spokesman Zach Hudson said.

Hudson said there were three parties involved in the domestic altercation.

The incident comes two months after Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watch captain, was found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Just last week, Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce from George.

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A just-released 911 call reveals that two Dallas-area teens saved a kidnapped woman who mouthed "help me" to them from the back of a moving vehicle.

Charles Atkins Lewis, 37, was arrested August 22 after allegedly kidnapping a woman, 25, who has not been identified, at gunpoint and forcing her into his car.

The two teenagers noticed the kidnapped woman from their car as Lewis allegedly drove her through Kaufman County, according to the recording.

“Yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping,” Aaron Arias, 19, told a 911 dispatcher. “It’s me and another guy."

"So we’re checking out the girl in the back because we’re like, ‘OK, she’s kind of attractive’, and then all of a sudden the guy is turned back, looking at us."

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Take note, THGers. Here is what we've learned about 911 this month:

Do not call if McDonald's messes up your order.

Do not call if the cable goes out, even during a Breaking Bad episode.

And do not call if you are in need of a pen, something New Hamphire resident Jeanie Dufresne discovered the hard way this week.

As explained in the following video, Dufresne angered an operator for making just such a request over the weekend, getting herself arrested for the THIRD TIME THIS MONTH for using 911 in an inappropriate manner.

The 66-year old told authorities each time that she just wanted someone to talk to. Darn. This story just went from funny to sad...

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We suppose this is at least a better reason to call 911 than your cable going out.

A Naples, Florida resident is under arrest today after his mother called the authorities to report that her son was keeping a baby alligator in her bathtub.

Sean Lewis, 45, was reportedly keeping an eye on the creature for a friend and created his own little aquarium in the bathroom, replete with a cinderblock for the animal to lie on and a lightbulb to serve as the sun.

After several days, however, Sean's mother grew irritated by the unwelcome guest and called 911 to have her kid booked on charges of alligator poaching.

You simply must listen to that 911 call in the following video:

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There are plenty of acceptable reasons for dialing 911.

Perhaps someone has poisoned you with Ricin. Maybe you're teetering on the verge of death as the result of a meth overdose.

But here's a reason NOT to bother the authorities: because you're cable goes out in the middle of a Breaking Bad episode.

Sadly, a handful of Connecticut residents reacted in a panic when just such an incident befell them during Sunday night's broadcast of what many consider to the best show in the history of television.

You can actually listen to one woman's hilarious/disturbing 911 call in the following video:

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The 911 call placed moments after Gia Allemand was found by boyfriend Ryan Anderson has been released, and it's obviously a very sad audio clip.

The Bachelor star was discovered by the NBA player Monday, following an apparent suicide attempt; Gia Allemand died two days later in the hospital.

While the tape's quality is not the best, it gives you an idea of what transpired.

In the clip, it appears you can hear Ryan saying "don't stop" giving CPR, presumably to Gia's mom, after the dispatcher gives instructions on the phone.

"Keep going, don't stop CPR, don't stop," says Ryan Anderson, calmly.

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Unlike a certain horse in England, Larenzo Riggins may not have been turned away from McDonald's when he stopped by the fast food joint on July 30.

But after a bizarre incident that left the Georgia resident in the custody of police, he likely wishes he had been.

Riggins placed an order for seven McDoubles late last month, only to realize on his way to his truck that he had been short-changed a burger.

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A 911 call placed after Amanda Bynes lit a fire in a stranger's driveway indicates that the situation may have been even crazier than initially reported.

Amanda Bynes Fire

She's now hospitalized on a 5150 hold, which means officials felt she was enough of a danger to herself and others to keep her against her will.

That alone tells you how bad things have gotten, and it remains to be seen if she will seek additional care voluntarily after the 72-hour hold is up.

In any case, here's how we got to this point ...

Monday night, Amanda Bynes put a flaming cloth on top of a gas tank and set it on fire outside a residence in her hometown in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

A passerby noticed and called 911. Listen:

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The audio of the 911 call placed after Paris Jackson's suicide attempt been released. It's disturbing and sad, pretty much confirming what we've already known.

The call from the Lost Hills Sheriff's Dept. to the L.A. County Fire Dept. June 5 reported that Paris "OD'd on 20 Motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife."

The Sheriff's Dept. reports that Paris Jackson is "awake and breathing."

Officials can be heard telling the Sheriff's Department that it wasn't a dangerous situation; the 911 call was made after Paris herself dialed a suicide hotline.

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