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We've reported on plenty of 911 calls over the years, ranging from real celebrity-based emergencies to errant calls that should never, ever have been made.

Well, this interesting and memorable story, which was shared recently during an AskReddit thread that asked 911 operators the one call they remember?

It might take the cake. Or more specifically, the pizza.

Keep Calm

The Reddit user, later revealed as former police dispatcher Keith Weisinger, shared the tale of once getting a late-night call while working the 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift.

What he initially thought was a prank call - we've seen many of them - turned out to be a woman who was in great need of assistance but had to speak in code.

What do we mean exactly by that? You'll be surprised.

As written by Weisinger, the call went as follows:

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We've heard of people dialing 911 for ridiculous reasons before.

But this is a new one:

Grant O’Connor was in the middle of a drug deal this week when he butt-dialed the emergency number, prompting dispatchers to hear every word of his illegal conversation and trace the call to O’Connor’s location, a Mexican restaurant in Mt. Pleasant Tennessee.

Mistaken 911 call

When authorities arrived on the scene, they found O’Connor and a female friend pulling out of the parking lot.

They stopped the vehicle and discovered inside a small bag of marijuana, along with assorted drug paraphernalia.

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Well, this is a new one.

A 53-year old named William McDaniel was arrested Saturday night after he supposedly called the police to complain that a stripper would not have sex with him.

A stripper

According to The Smoking Gun, McDaniel was enjoying himself at Sagebrush Sam's in Butte, Montana when he gave a stripped $350 for a private dance.

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The Real Housewives of New York City cast member Ramona Singer believes that her estranged husband's mistress is stalking her and obsessed with her.

She was so concerned, the reality star even called 911 over this.

Ramona is Full-On Nuts

Ramona, who was spurned and humiliated by Mario Singer when he went public with Kasey Dexter last weekend, called 911 on the latter Wednesday afternoon.

Claiming the woman had followed her to a restaurant, Ramona asked for police assistance, and the NYPD responded to the scene. The resolution?

Nothing. Cops found that the woman in question was eating lunch with a man and had no connection to either Ramona or Mario Singer, or Kasey Dexter.

Might be time for a tropical vacation somewhere, Ramona.

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An unnamed woman in South Carolina called the authorities this week because her 15-year old son was acting totally normal.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched to a residence on Tuesday afternoon because a mother told them her two-year old daughter “turned on the TV and porn was on.”

She then found her son in his bedroom and figured he had been watching the naked action, heard her arrive home and quickly booked it upstairs.

Concerned Mother

"[The mom] requested that a report be done to document ... her son's behavior and due to her daughter being exposed to porn," the police report reads, as the mother told authorities she had been having many other difficulties with her teenage child for awhile.

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Judes Exantus did not have himself a good day yesterday.

The 29-year old Florida resident was pulled over by a Collier County Deputy for running a stop sign and tried to deny that he broke this law, despite the official making it clear he witnessed the violation.

Exantus then grew so annoyed at the time it was taking the officer to write him a ticket that he pulled out his phone on the spot and dialed 911.

Judes Exantus Mug Shot

This, of course, resulted in another charge (misuse off 911), which led to an arrest and Exantus needing to post $2,000 in bail to be released from jail.

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Note to Facebook users:

We know it's painful when this social media network goes down and you can't ogle Justin Bieber selfies or tell the world what you had for dinner.

But please do not contact the authorities when such devastation strikes, as it did last Friday, resulting in far too many people* calling L.A. County Sheriff's Department for help with the issue.

(*One person would be classified as "far too many people.")

In response to the influx of 911 calls, Sergeant Burton Brink Tweeted the following two messages:

Police FB Message
Police on FB

We're not sure whether to laugh or cry over the fact that such Tweets had to be sent.

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The 911 call placed before Hope Solo's domestic violence arrest last weekend has been released, and the guy who made it was clearly concerned for his safety.

Solo, he told the operator, is "f--king beating people up!"

The Hope Solo 911 call was made early Saturday morning when the U.S. national soccer goalie allegedly attacked her half-sister and her nephew, 17.

"Hope Solo is going psychotic," the caller pleads, apparently under siege from the 32-year-old athlete. "She's f--king beating people up! We need help!"

Police raced to her sister's home outside Seattle and found the sister and nephew with visible injuries; subsequently, Hope was arrested for domestic violence.

Her nephew told TMZ that Solo drunkenly came at him for basically no reason and he pulled a gun (the mom says it was a BB gun) on her to make it stop.

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A resident of South Florida was arrested this week after he kept calling 911 to report what he believed to be a serious crime:

His wife had thrown out his beer.

West Palm Beach police say they responded on Monday evening to a call for help made by Carlos Bueno Mir.

When cops arrived on the scene, the 49-year old told them about his wife’s actions, causing officers to explain that this is NOT the sort of emergency for which 911 is meant to be used.

Carlos Bueno Mir Mug Shot

They also said, surprisingly, that Mir appeared to be intoxicated.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore dialed 911 minutes after being whomped on by Porsha Stewart last week, and her voice tells the story.

As 911 calls go, it's pretty tame - no screaming, hysterics or chaos to speak of - but Moore was clearly far from pleased as she phoned in the assault.

We'll have to wait until the reunion show airs to know how bad it actually got between then, but Porsha Stewart beat up Kenya Moore with cameras rolling.

When one listens to Kenya nonchalantly telling the 911 dispatcher, "I've just been assaulted," one can just see her rolling her eyes at the unending drama.

She lists her attacker by her maiden name, Porsha Williams.

Porsha and Kenya exploded on each other Thursday during the taping of the Bravo show's reunion. Some believe Porsha may be fired over the fight.

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