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16 and Pregnant is back, baby (pun most definitely intended) and the show that gave birth to Teen Mom (so to speak!) is off and running in its fifth season.

Fans of the MTV series were introduced to 16-year-old Maddy Godsey on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 1 last week. This week, it's Autumn Crittendon.

Autumn Crittendon Photo

Autumn's baby daddy, Dustin, might have been the true star of this installment. This star is rather dim, of course, in keeping with the show's tradition

Crittendon, a 16-year-old sophomore from Richmond, Va.,. have been dating for a year and spending every day and night together. That's the good news.

The bad news is that despite her mother's warnings and pleas, and even after recently watching her 18-year-old sister give birth, Autumn got pregnant.

Her mother even went with Autumn to get birth control pills or a ring, fearing that she might get knocked up too, but obviously, Autumn didn't want to get fat.

"And now you gained 40 pounds," her mother said. Owned.

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16 and Pregnant is back, baby (see what we did there) and MTV's Teen Mom precursor didn't disappoint in its fifth season premiere Monday night.

Fans were introduced to 16-year-old Madison Godsey on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 1. Maddy got pregnant after a having a one night stand.

The father? Her rebound guy, Cody.

Drama unfolded as the two teenagers try to navigate a changing, parenting world while getting to know one another at the same time. This is serious.

  • Maddy Godsey Photo
  • Madison Godsey Photo

Having just finished her sophomore year in high school (!) this is going to be quite something for Maddy Godsey to go through. So many complications.

Maddy’s mother, Jen, gave birth to a baby only three months earlier (!) and is running a household of seven people. She gives Maddy tough love.

Baby daddy Cody and his parents, Penny and Chad, are there to save the day as far as living arrangements and open their home to the young couple.

Both families decide it is okay for the two to live with Cody and his parents so Maddy can go to school and work, while Penny will babysit little Aubrey.

It's a really mature, grounded and collaborative effort and the start between the teens and their families, but that doesn't mean it'll last, or be easy.

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We hope you're sitting down for this, but Jenelle Evans says she is not a role model and shouldn't be anyone's idol. Truer words have never been spoken.

In response to a tweet from 16 and Pregnant star Ashley Salazar saying that Jenelle is her idol, she responded, "Really I shouldn't be anyone's idol."

Honestly. Props to Jenelle Evans. Prayers for Ashley Salazar.

Sexy Jenelle Evans

Showing surprising self-awareness, the troubled Teen Mom 2 star added, "well I mean until my life is stable then people can idolize me but noooo."

Well put, considering her track record. In 2013 alone ...

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16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun is answering allegations that she did not really give birth to a stillborn child after people said it was all a hoax.

Nicole, 19, tells Radar that the heartbreaking story is sadly true. Moreover, medical records dated July 28 confirm she did in fact have a stillborn son.

Nikkole Paulun Picture

She was admitted to a Michigan hospital’s obstetrics wing where she had blood tests, anesthesia and an array of drugs including penicillin and oxytocin.

Among the many charges totaling more than $7,000 is an especially heart-rending entry for the delivery of a child who would never get to know his mom.

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16 and Pregnant's Danielle Cunningham has gone OFF on Jenelle Evans in an epic Twitter rant, one which began when Jenelle was feeling sorry for herself.

After the Teen Mom 2 star said people kick her when she's down, Danielle responded, “You, my dear, have been knocked down for 4 years. Yo a** never got up!”

  • Danielle Cunningham Photo
  • Jenelle Bikini Photo

“I hate the fact that [Jenelle Evans] can’t be a mother. Just when she feels like it. Does [her four-year-old son] Jace even call Jenelle mom?” she asked.

“lmfao jenelle even your mom secretly hates you.”

Ouch. No need to bring Barbara Evans into this.

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Nikkole Paulun, a 16 and Pregnant star who was introduced on Season 2 of this MTV series, has leveled some rather serious accusations at her dad.

Why do we never see this parent on the small screen? Said Paulun this week via Twitter:

"You NEVER got to see my dad on camera because he's an abusive asshole. One night after Lyle was born her BEAT me up & I literally had to jump out my window & hitch a ride to my bestfriends house to get away."

Nikkole Paulun Photo

Nikkole goes on to write that her father has referred to her by every derogatory name in the book, that he has threatened to kill her and that her mom "thinks I should get along with him."

However: "I don't think I EVER will."

Well, no, we should hope not. Not if these assertions are valid. For the sake of Nikkole's child if not herself, she ought to get the heck out of there.

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Weston Gosa, the father of 16 & Pregnant star Whitney Purvis' child, was arrested for DUI in Georgia on the Fourth of July after allegedly crashing his car.

He may or may not be aware of this fact yet.

Judging by what has to be one of the top celebrity mug shots yet, Gosa wasn't just driving under the influence ... he was plastered out of his MIND:

Weston Gosa Mug Shot

According to the Floyd County Police Department, the 23-year-old Gosa smashed his car, and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Police say Gosa was under the influence of prescription drugs at the time of his arrest - Xanax and Lorcet. He apparently has no prescription for either.

Gosa has been charged with felony possession of controlled substances, misdemeanor possession of drug-related objects (he also had a pipe), and DUI.

As for Whitney Purvis, she dumped this slacker last year (likely a smart move) ... but was arrested herself in March for stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart.

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Mackenzie Douthit and Alexandria Sekella have earned promotions from 16 & Pregnant. They will reportedly be among the cast of MTV's new Teen Mom 3!

According to Radar, anyway, so who knows. Mackenzie, an Oklahoma native, is mom to son Gannon, and she’s engaged to her baby's father Josh McKee.

The cheerleader got attention ever since this season’s 16 & Pregnant trailer (below), posing in her cheerleading uniform and lamenting her weight gain.

Douthit was an easy choice for MTV. “She comes from a stable family; seems to have her life in order,” a source says. “They wanted someone like that.”

Alexandria Sekella, meanwhile, lives in Pennsylvania (the same state as Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera), and is mom to daughter Arabella.

On Alex’s emotional episode she gut-wrenchingly considered giving her baby up for adoption, much like original Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell has.

Her ex-boyfriend and former fiancee, Matt McCann, entered rehab in December for a drug addiction, something Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans knows well.

“Both of them are excited to be on Teen Mom 3,” the source claims. “It’ll be quite a journey for them. Viewers loved them and can’t wait to see more.”

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It's barely been six months since Child Protective Services took away their daughter, but 16 & Pregnant's Ebony and Josh Rendon are totally pregnant again.

Ebony is currently 10 weeks preggers with the couple's second child.

According to Josh Rendon and Ebony Jackson (her maiden name), the pregnancy was NOT planned, but he adds, "We are extremely excited for the baby."

  • Josh Rendon Mug Shot
  • Ebony Jackson Mug Shot

Incredibly, CPS took away Josh and Ebony's toddler last year because of the AWFUL living conditions in their home, and they were arrested for child endangerment.

We are talking a house full of flies and maggots and dog and human feces present in EVERY ROOM INSIDE THE RESIDENCE on the walls and floor. Apparently.

More incredibly, their girl is STILL with CPS, and Josh and Ebony only get supervised visitation. The case is still pending ... but won't apply to baby #2!

Josh tells TMZ that he and Ebony have learned from their mistakes, completed parenting classes, and now keep their home in "immaculate" condition.

That said, they're 100 percent ready for another kid and currently fighting to regain full custody of their first daughter. That's ... good to hear? Maybe?

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MTV returned with a fourth season of 16 and Pregnant last night.

In the first of back-to-back episodes, viewers were introduced to cheerleader Mackenzie and BF Josh, who has dreams of making it big on the rodeo circuit.

He's already had a few too many concussions, though, and his most recent injury, to the neck, was actually sustained a car wreck. Doesn't bode well.

The highlight, if you can call it that, was Mackenzie donning a full cheerleading outfit, thinking she can still cheer with the best of them at 36 weeks.

Clearly, Mackenzie and Josh are in denial, and the second episode featuring Katie and Joey showed another twosome almost equally as overwhelmed.

Katie gave up her dreams of college, while both of them wound up living with his parents during and after the pregnancy. Their ambitions are all on hold.

Despite the new 16 and Pregnant cast, the broad point remains the same: This is not a glamorous life, but one girls and guys should think very hard about.

Raising a baby upends lives permanently, and is not something many can handle at a young age. This should be a deterrent, or at least a cautionary tale.

Of course, these are basically unofficial audition tapes for Teen Mom, which will pick the most interesting 16 & Pregnant stars for its mega-hit spinoff.