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In two episodes of MTV's 16 & Pregnant Monday, viewers were introduced to young mothers Courtney Ames and Savannah Mooney. Their lives? Complicated.

Courtney, a senior in high school from Woodland Park, Colorado, lives with her father and older sister. She got pregnant by her boyfriend Scott.

Courtney Ames Pic

She had been wearing a purity ring, but Courtney gave in to temptation and began having sex with Scott. Without protection too, it would appear.

Courtney’s parents were obviously very disappointed in this, but they say Courtney’s unplanned pregnancy actually helped her relationship with God.

Not only did she started reading the Bible and praying more, she made a vow to become abstinent until her and Scott got married. That's ambitious.

Scott, 19, works full time and even has his own two bedroom apartment. She agrees to move in despite her reservations about giving in to sexual temptations.

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Monday on 16 & Pregnant, we met Jordan Cashmyer, a teen from Maryland who got knocked up and chose to be homeless to be with her man.

We were also introduced to Savon Looney, whose ex ditched her ASAP.

Jordan Cashmyer Photo

Jordan’s boyfriend Derek is the father of her baby, and they were living with her parents until Derek lost his job and the family kicked him out.

That's when Jordan made the decision to move out and never talk to her parents again after they booted her boyfriend, so ... here they are.


Broke, without a place of their own and “couch surfing” through friends' places like there's no tomorrow, they seem very misguided and lost.

Derek feels this is somehow her fault, even as he admits to her, “I hate condoms. I don’t like the word, I don’t like the idea. It’s like punishment.”


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Looks like Jenelle Evans' cyber-feud with fellow 16 & Pregnant alum Danielle Cunningham is back in full swing, and has taken an ugly turn.

Jenelle, who won plaudits for defending Rob Kardashian from bullying on the web this week, allegedly attacked Danielle's children's looks on Twitter.

  • Jenelle Bikini Photo
  • Danielle Cunningham Photo

“Now Jenelle thinks my kids are ugly? Whaaaat?” Cunningham tweeted.

Alongside a photo of Jamie Paul Jr., 3, and daughter Jayleigh Rae, 11 months, she added, “LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE FREAKIN PERFECT."

"[Jenelle Evans] is mentally disturbed!”

No tweet about Cunningham’s kids currently exists on Evans’ page, although she did later admit to erasing previous posts she didn't elaborate on.

“U think I ‘tweet and delete’ cuz I think I’m wrong?” she said. “Not by any means…It’s becuz I don’t want yr drama all over my TL, duh. #JokesOnYou”

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On 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 7, we meet Aleah Lebeouf, 18, who is pregnant with her first child AND taking care of her boyfriend’s toddler son, Noah.

On top of that, she suffers from type 1 diabetes, which means she is constantly monitoring her blood-sugar levels and is considered a high risk pregnancy.

Boyfriend Shawn Burke, 19, first met her while both her doing time in a juvenile detention center. Aleah is helping raise Noah since his mother is MIA.

Clearly, she's got a lot on her plate for an 18-year-old.

Aleah Lebeouf Photo

Her diabetes is so severe that when she got pregnant, the doctor told Aleah she has a higher chance of miscarrying rather than carrying her baby to term.

The baby, who will be named Peyton, is already beating the odds.

Even though Aleah wanted to live with her mom and her stepdad, Shawn decided it was better that they live with his parents because it’s close to his job.

The downside is that they live in an already very full house, including his little brothers,Josh and Kevin; but at least his mom Angie seems very nice.

Aleah and Noah have a strong bond, and despite being a total mess (he has so many speeding tickets, he's in debt), Shawn seems like a good dad.

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It’s been a tough week for 16 and Pregnant star Summer Rewis, after catching her husband cheating IN their Georgia home ... and assaulting his mistress.

The high school junior, who appeared on last night's episode of the MTV hit docu-series, came home to find husband D.J. Rewis, 18, with another woman.

Upon catching DJ with Makala Peters in their bed, Summer Rewis said, “Don’t worry, I whipped her a$$. I got on that b***h [and] rocked her damn head.”

“I walked in and he had another b!tch in my house,” the 16-year-old mother of 6-month-old son Peyton Daniel told fans on her Ask (dot) fm page.

“She looked like she seen a damn ghost,” the teen continued. “Don’t worry, I got mine! She probably thinks I’m the most psychotic person she’s ever seen.”

Sounds like a job well done ... in an unfortunate way.

While she initially contemplated divorcing D.J. Rewis for straying, the star eventually said she and her spouse were “gonna try to work things out.”

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Last night on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 5, we met Summer Rewis of Collins, Ga., and D.J., the boyfriend she met online and got her, well ...

Pregnant. At the tender age of 16. It's how this and Teen Mom work.

Summer Rewis Photo

When we first meet Summer, she is 32 weeks pregnant and decides to move in with D.J. and his parents so that they can welcome their baby boy into a home.

D.J.’s mom Frances makes Summer promise that once the baby is born and everything settles down, she will go back to school and continue her education.

Frances seems willing to help raise D.J. and Summer’s baby so that they can complete their education. Summer's own mom? They have a tough relationship.

Summer meets with her mother, and they have a talk about how she has been sober for three weeks now, which is surprisingly a noteworthy achievement.

We also learn that Summer got pregnant because she was not on birth control, and when she and D.J. ran out of condoms they were just too lazy to buy more.

Wow. Just ... not even a stoned Jenelle Evans is that lazy.

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Monday night on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 4, youngsters Arianna and Maurice learned they are expecting a baby after dating for about a month!

You know how that goes.

Before long, Arianna and Maurice are broken up and fighting about money. Will they be able to put their differences aside for the sake of their son Aiden?

Yes and no.

Arianna on 16 and Pregnant

Early on, we learned that Arianna definitely needs Maurice’s financial help, because while she is pregnant she is living with her grandma in a tiny apartment.

Tiny as in they share a bed. However, Arianna does not want to live with her mom because she hates her new husband, or her dad, who abandoned them.

Not that Arianna isn't close with her mom Michelle, who had Arianna when she was 17, and isn't devastated about her girl's unplanned pregnancy.

She is a bit disappointed, though.

No one wants to see their children struggle, and Michelle is worried that having a baby this young means Arianna will be left struggling financially.

How right she is, depressingly.

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16 and Pregnant is back, baby (pun most definitely intended) and the show that gave birth to Teen Mom (so to speak!) is off and running in its fifth season.

Fans of the MTV series were introduced to 16-year-old Maddy Godsey on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 1 last week. This week, it's Autumn Crittendon.

Autumn Crittendon Photo

Autumn's baby daddy, Dustin, might have been the true star of this installment. This star is rather dim, of course, in keeping with the show's tradition

Crittendon, a 16-year-old sophomore from Richmond, Va.,. have been dating for a year and spending every day and night together. That's the good news.

The bad news is that despite her mother's warnings and pleas, and even after recently watching her 18-year-old sister give birth, Autumn got pregnant.

Her mother even went with Autumn to get birth control pills or a ring, fearing that she might get knocked up too, but obviously, Autumn didn't want to get fat.

"And now you gained 40 pounds," her mother said. Owned.

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16 and Pregnant is back, baby (see what we did there) and MTV's Teen Mom precursor didn't disappoint in its fifth season premiere Monday night.

Fans were introduced to 16-year-old Madison Godsey on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 1. Maddy got pregnant after a having a one night stand.

The father? Her rebound guy, Cody.

Drama unfolded as the two teenagers try to navigate a changing, parenting world while getting to know one another at the same time. This is serious.

  • Maddy Godsey Photo
  • Madison Godsey Photo

Having just finished her sophomore year in high school (!) this is going to be quite something for Maddy Godsey to go through. So many complications.

Maddy’s mother, Jen, gave birth to a baby only three months earlier (!) and is running a household of seven people. She gives Maddy tough love.

Baby daddy Cody and his parents, Penny and Chad, are there to save the day as far as living arrangements and open their home to the young couple.

Both families decide it is okay for the two to live with Cody and his parents so Maddy can go to school and work, while Penny will babysit little Aubrey.

It's a really mature, grounded and collaborative effort and the start between the teens and their families, but that doesn't mean it'll last, or be easy.

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We hope you're sitting down for this, but Jenelle Evans says she is not a role model and shouldn't be anyone's idol. Truer words have never been spoken.

In response to a tweet from 16 and Pregnant star Ashley Salazar saying that Jenelle is her idol, she responded, "Really I shouldn't be anyone's idol."

Honestly. Props to Jenelle Evans. Prayers for Ashley Salazar.

Sexy Jenelle Evans

Showing surprising self-awareness, the troubled Teen Mom 2 star added, "well I mean until my life is stable then people can idolize me but noooo."

Well put, considering her track record. In 2013 alone ...

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