Leah Remini Questioned 'Weird' Tom Cruise, David Miscavige Relationship

nicole remini speaks out about sister leah

According to the sister of Leah Remini, her falling out with the Church of Scientology began in 2006 when she questioned the "weird" relationship she witnessed between Tom Cruise and church leader David Miscavige during the actor's high profile wedding.

Nicole Remini-Wiskow lives in the Twin Cities and did a radio phone interview Wednesday with Lori & Julia on My Talk 107.1.

Initial reports had indicated that Leah came under Church scrutiny after having the audacity to question why Shelly Miscavige was absent from the Cruise wedding - and why her husband and one other person accompanied Tom and Katie on their honeymoon cruise of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

While carefully measuring her words, Leah's sibling indicated that her sister witnessed "inappropriate" behavior by high level  Church leadership, including the inebriated Scientology minister who performed the Cruise-Holmes nuptial ceremony at Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, Italy.

Nicole revealed, "Leah had brought up to a very, very close friend of hers out of the house, like in private... 'You know, I just think that it is really weird how involved Tom is with the upper levels of the Church.'  She just started questioning a little bit like - 'What was going on?'"

"And somebody actually wrote a report on her - her best friend wrote a report on her that she was questioning it.  Then Leah got pulled in.  It's like 'How dare she question what is going on with Tom and his relationship with people within the church?'"

A Church of Scientology representative responded tersely, "The statements by Ms. Remini-Wiskow are absurd.  She hasn't been in the Church since 2005, has no personal knowledge of any events described and knows firsthand that her own sister did not "disconnect" from her."

"Contrary to myths spouted by anti-Scientologists, the Church cannot and does not order any parishioners to disconnect.  Such a decision always has been and remains a deeply personal choice made entirely by the individual.  This has been spelled out clearly for years."

Celebrity Scientologist Kirstie Alley has been waging what appears to be a not-so-subtle Twitter campaign to discredit Leah Remini.  Yesterday she asked her million followers, "Need ur opinion.  IF there was a whopping lie about U floating around, would U make a statement or let it pass?"

This begs the question ... was she the one who filed the report on her former pal Leah?

After fielding lots of advice, the former 'Cheers' actress concluded, "U all helped me tonight.  I was worried & feeling very bad because a lie is being perpetuated.  Your advice to "ignore" is the path I chose."

Listen to the audio interview here.

Photos:  Twitter-Nicole Remini-Wiskow, Facebook-Leah Remini