Tom Cruise Suddenly Taller: Hidden Shoe Lifts (PHOTOS)

tom has gone to custom elevator shoes

Tom Cruise, who is 5'7" or 5'8" depending upon the source, has been frequently photographed with his latest leading lady Cameron Diaz.  She is reportedly 5'9" tall in flats - which is not much of a disparity when the two are photographed together.

That said, the actress has been wearing 4-5 inch heels during numerous red carpet premiere events in the promotion of "Knight and Day".  Their latest photo call was  Thursday night in London.

Presumably, Cameron would be towering over him, just as his wife Katie Holmes does when they are photographed together.  However, in recent photos they continue to appear roughly the same height - whether Diaz is in flats or is sporting her tall stilettos.  The same is suddenly true for Tom and Katie in their latest red carpet appearances.

Tom's boots appear to have a one-inch heel - but they are apparently custom fitted with an elevator type heel lift inside the footwear.  We can't help but wonder how difficult it was for him to get used to stomping around in man heels.

More photos below:

Photos:  WENN