Sarah Palin Breast Implants: Then and Now PHOTOS

sarah palin before and after breast implants

The hot rumor on the Internet for the past few days is that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is sporting breast implants.  She and Todd Palin took in the Belmont Stakes race in New York on June 5, where photographers captured multiple pics of the casually dressed couple as they walked the grounds of Belmont Park.

Sarah was dressed in a thin white t-shirt that definitely accentuated her curves.  Because of the obvious interest, as demonstrated by a surge in google searches for "Sarah Palin Breast Implants", we decided to do a little independent research of our own.

We've pulled together photos that were taken of Palin on the campaign trail, and the contrast between then and now is quite revealing...if you catch our drift.

It definitely appears that McCain's former running mate has invested in some additional cleavage.

More then and now photos in our gallery below:

Photos:  WENN, PicApp