Mindy McCready TAPE: 'Baseball Mistress' (PHOTOS)

mindy mccready sells a sex tape to vivid entertainment

Mindy McCready must need some fast cash.  She has hooked up with adult video producer Vivid Entertainment and is set to release "Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress" on April 19.  The tape will reportedly reveal her inner most secrets, both in the bedroom and in interviews that will appear throughout the tape.

The country singer talks about her old flame, baseball great Roger Clemens.  The couple carried on a 10 year secret affair.  Mindy attempts to set the record straight by reporting that contrary to popular belief,  she and Clemens didn't get intimate until she was of legal age.  She even sheds some light on a problem he reportedly had with "erectile dysfunction", though she counters that claim with the fact that he was "good" in bed.

Mindy compared several of her ex-lovers, including former fiance Dean Cain of "Superman" fame, who was reportedly better "endowed" than Clemens.  The featured action in the flick is reportedly with a past boyfriend she refers to as 'Peter'.

Roger Clemens carried on numerous affairs while married to his gorgeous and buff wife Debbie Clemens.

McCready has had her share of problems, including several jail and rehab stints, including her recent appearance on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab".

UPDATE: McCready was taken by ambulance to a Florida ER on May 25, 2010 for a suspected drug overdose.

More photos and the soundtrack from her new single "I'm Still Here" below: