Christina Hendricks Breast Implants Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)

christina hendricks lopsided

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks appears to have a significant size difference between her right and left breast.  Several recent red carpet events seem to point to the same lopsided issue for the 34-year-old.

According to her bio, the ravishing redhead was actually born a blonde in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She plays the seductress secretary Joan Holloway -- portraying someone with brains, large breasts and bravado.

Hendricks claims that her breast size is not the result of implants.  She is quoted as saying, "I didn't get a boob job.  It's who I am.  And I'm lucky to be on a show that celebrates it."

The phenomenon of having uneven breasts crops up from time to time in celebrity photographs.  So much so that we have compiled a pictorial gallery of celebrities who fall into a category we call Breast Implants Gone Wrong.

Check out Christina on the cover of Essence - who named her 'Best Looking Woman in America'.


View Christina Hendricks photos below.  See her voluptuous New York magazine cover photo here.

Photos:  WENN