Deanna Favre is Brett Favre's Wife (PHOTOS)

brett favre family at the metrodome in minnesota

Brett Favre led the Minnesota Vikings to a divisional victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the Minneapolis Metrodome on Sunday, January 17, 2010.  The Vikes sent the Cowboys packing with a decisive 34-3 victory, setting the stage for an NFC title game against the New Orleans Saints next week at the Louisiana Superdome.

The biggest fan of the 40-year-old quarterback  is his high school sweetheart Deanna Fave, who has been the special someone in his life since 1982 and his wife since 1996.

Deanna was just 14 when the couple began dating in Kiln, Mississippi where they both grew up.  She gave birth to the couple's first daughter Brittany Nicole in 1989 and then went on to earn a degree in exercise science at the University of Southern Mississippi in 1994.  The following year she and their young daughter went to Green Bay to live with Brett, who was in his third year with the Packers.

It was obvious to Deanna that Favre was addicted to Vicodin.  She was tempted to head back to Mississippi but stuck it out and saw him through treatment and recovery.  The couple married the following year in 1996.

Second daughter Breleigh Ann was born in 1999.  That year Favre entered a treatment program again, this time for alcohol addiction.  He was motivated to seek treatment by Deanna, who threatened to leave him.   He agreed to enter a program and she remained by his side to see him through his journey.

In 2004, Deanna suffered two serious blows in the course of 8 days, when her 24-year-old brother Casey Tynes died in an ATV accident on the family property in Mississippi and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She received both radiation and chemotherapy and has become an activist with the creation of The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, which supports education, imaging and diagnosis services for women without insurance.

Deanna supported Favre's decision to retire from the Green Bay Packers in March 2008.  She also gave him the nod when he reversed his decision.  The family moved to New York last year, where Brett played one season with the New York Jets.

This year Deanna, Brett and Breileigh are living in Minnesota after he signed a two year contract with the Vikings.  Their nearly 21-year-old daughter Brittany is attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina.  The Favre family lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during the off season.

Barbara Walters honored Brett Favre as one of her Ten Most Fascinating People 2009.

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