Charlize Theron's $140,000 Lesbian Kiss (VIDEO)

charlize theron girl on girl kiss

Charlize Theron auctioned off a kiss for charity at a OneXOne party in San Francisco Thursday night, raising $140,000.

Bidding stalled at $37,000 for a South Africa/World Cup package Theron was auctioning, so she upped the ante by offering a kiss to the highest bidder.

When a man bid $130,000 for a 7-second kiss, the actress told him, "Swine flu is going around. This is high risk kissing!"

A second man bid $135,000, but the $140,000 winning bid came from a woman, who took the stage for a 20-second, girl-on-girl make-out session with the Oscar-winning actress.

Watch the video from TMZ below: