Aubrey O'Day Unretouched Peep Show Photos Leaked

Unretouched nude photos of Aubrey O'Day, illegally taken at her opening night of Peepshow, were leaked onto the internet last night.

Aubrey addressed the leaked pics on her official website, posting a YouTube video statement.

The 25-year-old pulled out of tonight's Peepshow performance at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  She said comments made by blogger Perez Hilton regarding the unretouched pictures made her feel insecure about her body, and kept her up all night contacting lawyers to have the photos removed from the web.

O'Day appears topless in the video, stripping off her shirt, revealing a see-through bra, saying "This is what my body looks like...naturally," and explaining that celebrity covers are always retouched.

Aubrey O'Day photo gallery below: