Channing Tatum's Stripper Past: 'Chan Crawford' Stripping Video

channing tatum stripper past

Channing Tatum has a stripper past.

A video of the G.I. Joe star performing under the alias "Chan Crawford" has been uncovered by Us Magazine (see video below).

Prior to his Step Up success, Tatum, then 18, danced in a Chippendales-style revue called "Male Encounter" at a Florida nightclub, where he earned $50 a night plus tips.

"He was shy at first, but he really knew how to work the stage," says the troupe's owner London Steele.

Although the revue had a strict no-nudity policy, you can watch Tatum Channing a.k.a. Chan Crawford stripping down to his undies and socks in the video below.

photo: WENN