Matt Lauer Family Photos

matt lauer and daughter romy

Matt Lauer was photographed walking with his daughter Romy in Manhattan yesterday.  The Today Show co-host is still recovering from a bicycle accident that caused a shoulder separation, which required surgery.

Lauer is married to former Dutch model Annette Roque.   She filed for divorce in 2006 but the couple later reconciled.  They have three children, Jack, 7,  Romy, 5,  and Thijs (pronounced Tice), 2.

Rumors have surfaced again in May 2010 that Lauer has left his wife and is hunting for a Manhattan apartment.  It seems Lauer's ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh isn't surprised.  She said, "Show me 10 men who are in the position he is in and I will show you nine who are unfaithful -- only they don't get caught or their wives don't leave them."  See photos of Nancy here.

We've included photos of Natasha Bedingfield in some very interesting poses with Lauer.  If that is the norm, is it any wonder Roque got suspicious?

See who has surfaced as Matt Lauer's alleged 'other woman' here.

More family photos and video discussing Lauer's new marital woes below.

Photos:  WENN