Shane McConkey Dies in Ski Base Jumping Accident (VIDEO)

shane mcconkey

Extreme skier Shane McConkey died Thursday while filming his latest movie in Italy.

After launching off a 400+ foot cliff into a double backflip with the expectation of deploying his parachute and gliding down to the ground, McConkey experienced problems when one of his skis didn't come off.  Struggling with the ski, he got into a bad spin and died on impact when he hit the ground below the cliff.

A member of the Red Bull Air Force and pioneer of the ski-BASE-ing phenomenon, MConkey was filming with Matchstick Productions and Red Bull in the Italian Dolomites at the time of his death.

McConkey, 39, of Olympic Valley, Calif., is survived by his wife, Sherry, and their 3½-year-old daughter, Ayla.

View Shane McConkey ski base jumping videos below.

Video one

Video two