Suzan Lewis is Jerry Lewis Daughter (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

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Suzan Minoret, 56, who goes by Suzan Lewis, is Jerry Lewis' daughter according to a DNA test taken by his son Gary Lewis.

After years of trying to get Jerry Lewis to admit paternity, Suzan, a comedienne, has finally gotten DNA evidence from an unlikely source - Jerry's son Gary Lewis.

Gary agreed to submit to a paternity test on Inside Edition, saying, "I was willing to do that because nobody else was stepping forward." Lewis said, "I knew how bad I would want to know if I didn't know who my father was. I'd want someone to help me. My dad may think of it as a betrayal, but I didn't mean to stir anything up.

"This is just one of those random acts of kindness. I thought she deserved to know where she came from."

The DNA results indicated an 88.7 percent chance that Suzan is related to Gary.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Suzan's mother, Lynn, and stepfather, Hy Uchitel, owned and operated some of the most elegant entertainment establishments in Manhattan. They included the El Morocco night club, and Voisin, a posh French Restaurant. In 1976, Suzan's mother disclosed that Suzan's biological father is Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis, who has never publicly acknowledged Suzan as his daughter, has refused to comment about the DNA results.

Photos and video below.

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