Lark Previn Has Died, Daughter of Actress Mia Farrow (Photos)

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Lark Previn, adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow and internationally acclaimed pianist Andre Previn, died on Christmas day following a long illness, according to the New York medical examiner.  She is survived by daughters Sara, 13, and Christine, 12.

A neighbor said that the young mom was obviously ailing and had grown thin and had lost most of her hair in recent months.  Her funeral wake was held in Brooklyn last night, attended by family and friends.  Lark's brother Tam Farrow died at age 21 in 2000 following a long illness.

Lark Song came to live with Farrow and Previn in 1973, joining their three natural children Matthew, Sascha and Fletcher.  They were soon joined by Summer Song in 1976 and Soon-Yi in 1978.  Previn and Farrow divorced in 1979 but remain on good terms.

Farrow entered into a twelve year relationship with director and actor Woody Allen in 1980.  Mia and Woody adopted Moses and Dylan and then had a natural child together, Satchel who now goes by the name Seamus.

The couple's relationship ended when Farrow discovered that Allen was having a sexual relationship with her daughter Soon-Yi.  Mother and daughter severed all ties when Soon-Yi married Allen in 1997.

Farrow eventually adopted six more children.   The 63 year old is a UN humanitarian ambassador and she has led demonstrations against the genocide in Darfur.

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UPDATE:  June 15, 2009 Mia Farrow's brother, sculptor Patrick Farrow was killed under suspicious circumstances at his Vermont gallery and studio.  See details and photos here.

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  • mia with some of her children
  • mia with her kids

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  • mia with the children
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 soon yi woody and their daughters

Woody Allen is also an accomplished jazz musician.