Lori Delgado NBC 10 Abruptly Resigns Over Vince DeMentri Lawsuit

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Lori Delgado, anchor for NBC 10 in Philadelphia, abruptly resigned on Monday after being named in a lawsuit by her former lover and anchor colleague Vince DeMentri.  He sued Delgado and NBC 10 for libel and slander as a result of his dismissal from the station in July 2008.

Delgado and DeMentri were involved in a relationship until things went sour.   Some of her personal belongings  including a handbag, curling iron and blowdryer were moved from her deskdrawer and were later found under her desk.  Delgado filed a police report with Lower Merion police claiming that DeMentri vandalized her car while it was in the company parking lot.  The Lexus reportedly sustained a long, deep scratch likely caused by a key.  Not long afterward, DeMentri disappeared from NBC 10 after reportedly meeting with VP of news Chris Blackman.

Now Blackman has issued the following statement: "I wanted to let you know that Lori Delgado has resigned from NBC 10 to spend more time with her family.  We thank Lori for her contributions to the station and wish her well."

Delgado, 29, married Richard Michael McNally II, a lawyer, in June 2006.    She was hired nearly four years ago by the station and has been off air for about a week in what NBC 10 has reported as a previously scheduled vacation.  Her vacation apparently just got longer.

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