Chuck Norris Wife is Gena O'Kelley (Photos)


Television and film actor Chuck Norris is 68 years old and married to a woman 28 years his junior.  Gena O'Kelley, 40, became the wife of the action star in November 1998.

She brought two children to the union, Kelley and Tim.  The former model and deputy sheriff of Chester, California, gave birth to a set of twins in 2001: a son Dakota and a daughter Danilee.  Norris has two sons from an earlier marriage, Mike and Eric.   He also has a daughter Dina from a previous relationship.

The couple have a ranch in Houston as well as homes in Dallas and Los Angeles.   They are politically active and campaigned for Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee while he was making his presidential bid.

Norris, a martial arts expert, is staying fit for his wife.  He said, "Gina wants to celebrate our 50th anniversary together.  I'll be 108 but I intend to be there."

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Photos:  WENN