Phil Bronstein Wins Sole Custody of Son Roan, Sharon Stone Loses

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Actress Sharon Stone has lost permanent physical custody of her eldest son Roan Joseph Bronstein, the child that she and newspaper editor Phil Bronstein adopted during their marriage.  The eight year old boy has been traveling between parents in a shared custody arranged for the past year and will now live exclusively with his father in San Francisco.

Bronstein petitioned the court to gain sole custody and it was up to Sharon Stone to prove that she should remain a custodial parent.  She and her lawyers failed to meet the burden of proof and a judge has ruled against the actress, in favor of her ex husband, who is the executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.   According to court documents, that order will stand unless Stone is able to petition the court with a change in circumstances.

The couple divorced in 2004, shortly after Bronstein suffered a severe heart attack.  Stone has since adopted two additional sons, Laird in 2005 and Quinn in 2006.

We are not privy to why Bronstein took this action against Stone but the bottom line appears to be that Roan's father felt that it wasn't good for the boy to be shuttled a great distance between parents and that a stable environment would better suit his needs.  It appears that if Stone were to move her family to the San Francisco Bay area, within close proximity to Bronstein, she would open the door up to custodial custody rights once again.

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