Is Rachael Ray Hiding a Baby Bump? (New Photos)

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We've been speculating all summer that Rachael Ray is with child.   She and husband John Cusimano were at a charity event for City Harvest in NYC last night.  The event, at the Skylight Studio, featured a photography art gallery and sale.

The couple were photographed in multiple poses.  In every scenario, she was shielding her midriff with her hand and a purse.  We would understand a few pics catching her attractive little handbag but we have concluded that she was, in fact, putting a buffer between the camera and her growing midsection.

Not only has she gained weight around her middle but she has become decidedly buxom - this from the woman who used to wear high necked tops because she wasn't comfortable showing too much skin.  She has obviously gotten over that hang up or has finally found herself in a position to flaunt her fuller figure.

In any case, we believe that the verdict is still out on whether Rachel Ray is pregnant.  Even though she did an interview earlier this year indicating that they were not ready to have children, she may be adopting the 'new' Hollywood strategy (yes, we know she's a New Yorker) of keeping everyone guessing until it is so obvious that only a fool wouldn't have figured it out.

Rachel was in L.A. for the Daytime Emmy Awards earlier this summer and we did a post and provided photos that showed the food maven's significant weight gain.  Check those pics out here.

The once skinny little waif may have just decided to enjoy the fruits of her labor rather than take a tiny bite for the camera.  She does seem to enjoy that final segment of her cable TV show 30 Minute Meals - where she gets to dig into her 'this is what's for dinner' feast.

We'll keep posting photos and we'll let our viewers decide - just pleasingly plump or in a family way?

Photo gallery below.

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Photos:  WENN