Michael Phelps' Estranged Father Revealed (Photos)

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Michael Phelps' mother Debbie Phelps, a popular and dedicated middle school principal and ardent swimming fan, has been a fixture on NBC during the week long Beijing Olympic swimming competition. We've also seen Michael's two older sisters Whitney and Hilary during each of the superstars 17 races and unprecedented 8 gold medal sweep.

What about dad? Fred Phelps, who worked for the Maryland State Police, parted company with Michael's mother in 1993 when Michael was nine years old. Fred Phelps has since remarried and lives in Baltimore. As far as an ongoing relationship with his son, it has been fleeting at best.

The two have been estranged, with a short lived reconciliation during the 2004 Athens Games. Fred Phelps traveled to Greece to watch his son win 6 gold and 2 bronze medals. Since that time the relationship has reportedly broken down again and dad made the decision to watch his son on television rather than travel to Beijing.

According to the New York Post, the senior Phelps has not called his son to congratulate him on his momentous victory. He has also declines most interviews, preferring to keep the media focus on his son in light of their fractured relationship.

Check out a photos of Debbie and Michael below - click to enlarge.

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Source: Yahoo Sports