Kathie Lee Gifford: Fried Hair and Frozen Face (Photos)

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Kathie Lee Gifford was photographed leaving The Ivy on Robertson Boulevard in Hollywood on Monday. She was courting a fashion disaster with a dress that looked like a throwback to Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble. Her knobby knees and bony legs didn't quite give her the look she might have been trying to attain.

What has happened to Kathie Lee's hair? It looks fried. Her face is also stiff - as if she can barely coax her mouth into a smile. Botox has been used by most aging celebrities to temporarily deal with those nasty wrinkles but it also does a job on facial movement. Too bad because Gifford used to have a very expressive face before she resorted to either temporary fixes or to a full face lift - shades of Kenny Rogers as seen in our photo gallery below.

Gifford is 55 years old and has resurrected her television career by joining The Today Show on NBC in March 2008. She and Hoda Kodb are co-hosts of the fourth hour of the program. Gifford spent 15 years on the popular morning talk show Regis and Kathie Lee before stepping away for the past 8 years.

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Check out more photos below including an early photo of Gifford when she could still smile with her whole face.

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Photos: WENN