Katie Holmes' Hands Discolored from Scientology Purification Rundown (Purif)

kate holmes purple hands

Katie Holmes' hands discolored by Scientology's Purification Rundown. (photo credit: Fame Pictures via AOL)

Katie Holmes' hands were the topic of much discussion last week when the actress diligently tried to keep them under wraps while filming ABC's Eli Stone, conspicuously wearing gloves and long sleeve shirts -odd behavior in the middle of July in Los Angeles.

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When cameras finally got a glimpse, it was revealed that her hands were a strange dark purple hue.  After much speculation about why her hands were so discolored, Perez Hilton may have uncovered the truth after sources sent him information about a Scientology purification ritual that is likely the cause for the discoloration.

An extremely dangerous practice, Scientology's Purification Rundown or Purif uses vitamin "bombs" and long periods of time in a sauna to cleanse the body of toxins.  Exceeding as much as 142 times the toxic level of the vitamins, the regimen can cause liver damage, hair loss, brain swelling, nausea, fatal heart and respiratory failure.

An examiner's report noted:

"The use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the amounts described administered by Narconon can be potentially dangerous to the patients of Narconon according to the more credible medical evidence ..." Many of the dosages set by Hubbard far exceed the recommended maximum intakes set by the United States Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board (FNB). Typically, Hubbard's dosages have not been amended for decades, despite the advance of medical and scientific knowledge; the Scientologists are required (by Hubbard's own instructions) not to alter his doctrines, even where they conflict with proven science.

The high doses of niacin used in the ritual are the probable cause for Katie's purple hands.  Normal doses of the drug can cause skin flushing, and large doses can cause liver damage, peptic ulcers and skin rashes.

Although a few former church members have come forward about the damage done to their health from the Purification Rundown, most ex-members will not come forward for fear of being sued by the litigious Church of Scientology. Lawsuits have been filed against the Church by families who blame the purification programs for the death of a relative.

thumbnail photos: Wenn, INF and Fame