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Working as a pin-up girl in the 1980's, this Golden Globe nominated actress posed for a series of nude photos, which went unnoticed until she became famous.

A high school dropout, she had a tumultuous relationship with her mother (now deceased), an alcoholic who capitalized on her daughter's fame by parodying one of her famous film scenes in a 12-page spread in a porn magazine.

She appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair in a photo shot by Annie Leibovitz, which sparked an intense controversy causing some retailers to pull the issue from their stands, while others only sold it in a brown paper bag.

Who is she?

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Demi Moore was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress for her performance in a television mini-series on abortion called If These Walls Could Talk.

In the early 1980's Moore worked with European photographers as a pin-up girl and a series of nude photos shot by Christopher Marrin were later published in Oui magazine after she became famous.

At age 16 Moore's neighbor and friend, actress Nastassja Kinski, persuaded her to drop out of Hollywood's Fairfax High School to pursue an acting career.

Moore had a difficult and unstable childhood growing up with alcoholic mother Virginia King Guyness. Moore's biological father left before she was born after a two month marriage. Her stepfather, Danny Guyness, who committed suicide in 1980, changed jobs frequently and as a result, moved the family forty times.

In 1993, porn magazine High Society ran a 12-page pictorial of Virginia posing in front of a potter's wheel, parodying Moore's scene with Patrick Swayze from the movie Ghost. Virginia died in 1998 at age 54 from a brain tumor.

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In August 1991, Moore appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine when she was seven months pregnant with daughter Scout. The controversial Annie Leibovitz photo was widely discussed on television, radio and in newspapers, dividing opinions between those who saw the photo as a symbol of empowerment and those who saw it as sexual objectification. (Leibovitz has recently found herself in the middle of another controversy over her Miley Cyrus Vanity Fair photos.)
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