Kim Kardashian's Latest Sexy Calendar Leaked (Photos)

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The always gorgeous Kim Kardashian was going to surprise her boyfriend Reggie Bush, with a sexy calendar for their one year anniversary. Her secret plan didn't go as she had hoped because her mother discovered the proof calendar and thought she'd surprise Kim by sending it out for publication.

Kim wasn't too happy when her brother called her from a newsstand to tell her that he was looking at her calendar. Kim met up with her brother and the two went on a calendar hunt and bought up everything they could find. Surprises don't seem to pan out for the Kardashian's but in the end Reggie was thrilled with his gift. Kim vowed that paybacks are a b!&@h.

For the photo shoot, Kim decided to have a little cellulite treatment called VelaShape. She also tried a laser hair removal procedure to make her body look as good as possible. Last night on the families reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian's, Kim and her sisters are shown at the American Laser Center getting the full treatment.

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Kim Kardashian Leaked 2011 HOT Calendar