Paris Hilton Shows Her Hairy Armpit!

Paris Hilton has a 5 o'clock shadow and it's not on her face. The dancing diva is caught in the act of waving her arms - as she is prone to doing while busting a move. It looks like the pampered celeb forgot her grooming on this occasion because her stubble is glaringly apparent - and she told us she was a natural blonde.

Paris has had any number of wardrobe malfunctions that we might as well revisit while we're at it. She nearly lost her dress recently, grabbing frantically but not before exposing her breasts. And while we're at it, you may recall the night Paris tried to dance on 50 Cent's stage.

It would seem that Paris has grown tired of the post jail image that she painted for the world on Larry King. It would seem that being the demure, Bible reading adult is a drag. Paris has claimed back her former life - with all it's pitfalls. One last photo op is her rowdy raunch fest in celebration of her 27th birthday.