Randy Stone Father of Jodie Foster's Children?

film director randy stone with jodie foster

Speculation is running rampant that Randy Stone, deceased casting director for 20th Century Fox Television was the father of Jodie Foster's two sons.

Randy Stone died of heart disease at his Beverly Hills, California home in February of this year. He was married to Barbara Streisand's sister Roslyn Kind prior to revealing that he was a homosexual.

Stone was a best friend to actress Jodie Foster and god father to her two sons, Charlie and Kip. He had a very active role in their lives, including caring for them when Foster was away filming movie projects. According to Daily Mail, Stone requested a paternity leave from 20th Century Fox when Foster's first son was born. He wanted time off to help take care of Foster and the baby. They turned him down and terminated him. Stone filed a discrimination claim with the California State Labor Commission. The television study refused to comply with the Commission's decision.

Stone's mother, Reverend Beverly Stone, has wondered about her son's true relationship with Foster's sons. She has expressed hope that if they are really her grandsons, that Foster will come forward with that information so that she can assume a closer relationship with her deceased son's offspring.

It took Foster 14 years to go public with her relationship with Cydney Bernard. Some are saying that Stone had encouraged her to acknowledge her long term partner. Perhaps she will be forthcoming about her sons father as well. Stone's mother is counting on it.

foster bernard charlie and kip