Tyler Johnson

Being rich and famous seems, for the most part, to be pretty damn cool, but the lifestyle is not without its pitfalls.

One of the big ones is that folks might pretend that they like you - or even love you - just so that they can grab your coattails and hitch a ride to the top. Some say Courtney Love did it to Kurt Cobain. Tyga is doing to Kylie Jenner as we speak. And now, Ben Hanisch might be doing it to Amy Schumer.

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As we previously reported, the Duggar family is set to return to TV with a new TLC reality series that may or may not be titled 19 Kids and Counting.

We know that the show is already filming but aside from that, details are scarce. Despite scant information and some conflicting reports, however, one thing everyone seems to agree on is that fan favorite Jana Duggar will play a big part in the new series.

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