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If there's one thing Taylor Swift knows how to do it's give good GIF.

The girl can't stop - won't stop - dancing, leading to hilarity and entertainment for all of us in addition to her cheesy, catchy music that we hate to admit we actually enjoy.

Win-win! She's the GIF that keeps on giving. 

Bring It On
What do you have to say about cheerleaders NOW, Taylor?

Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" music video hit the Internet this week and further cemented our love for the country star - sorry, pop singer - and serial dater extraordinaire.

One who has, it's worth noting, currently been single for longer than ever in the entire time we've known her name. In any case, "Shake It Off" features T-Swift doing what she does best.

Dancing (terribly) like nobody's watching, she might just be poking fun at herself, but we're pretty sure she's also doing it to replenish the world's supply of Taylor Swift GIFs.

Check out the gallery above for no fewer than 27 examples from her latest music video masterpiece, and check out the official "Shake It Off" release below as well:

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Some people are Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Lawrence. They exude sex appeal and personality and are crushed on universally by men and women alike.

And some people, well, they just aren't. Try as they may, they cannot get a date to save their lives. We've determined the reason why that may be:

They're using terrible, horrible, no good, really bad pick-up lines.

Like, the worst pick-up lines EVER. (No, really. These are bad.)

Boyfriend Material
While this is a terribly cheesy pick-up line, if Ryan Gosling said it, panties would drop instantly.

We scoured the Internet to dig up the best of the worst pick-up lines to save you the mortal embarrassment of uttering one of them the next time you're trying to pick up a hottie.

You're welcome.

Of course, bad pick-up lines aren't solely limited to in-person encounters. Oh no. Some people go the texting route and end up with some embarrassing sexting fails ...

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Celebrity siblings are sort of a weird case study in everything from family dynamics to facial features.

Do the younger siblings try to become famous because of the older siblings? Are they trying to make their own name on merit or just riding on coat tails?

What happens when the celebrity siblings look so much alike people get them confused!? How's it possible to make a name for yourself if everyone thinks you're someone else!?

Check out 17 celebrity sibling duos who might actually be the same person.

Pippa and Kate Middleton
Pippa Middleton might have the better...ASSETS...but she and sister Kate Middleton definitely got the same amazing smile.

Then there's the possibility we're all being punked by some elaborate conspiracy. Maybe these famous sibling sets aren't actually siblings at all.

It makes you think. And blame the Illuminati.

And then there are the celebrity look-alikes, those who aren't related but might as well be. Heck, some of these look more like other celebs than their actual siblings ...

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The countdown is on, y'all. Which countdown, you ask? The college football kickoff countdown. Soon, fans will pour onto campuses across the country for tailgating and team spirit. 

We know it's hard to believe, but some of those campuses are dry. SHOCK! HORROR!

And then there are those $11 beers at the ball game when you're in stadiums that DO sell booze. $11 FOR A BEER?!?!?! Hahahahahah

But! Never fear! The booze-sneaking products* are here! 

Check out 17 ways to sneak your booze in so you can get your drink on! The party doesn't have to stop just because you packed up the tailgate chairs. 

Bible Flask
Because nobody questions the person carrying around a Bible. Unless, of course, you start slurring your scriptures.

* THG NOTE: This gallery is for entertainment and amusement only. Please don't actually break the law to keep on drinking. And always use a designated driver!

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When it comes to that miscreant Justin Bieber, neither Canada nor the United States seems to want the kid, if Olympic hockey billboards are to be believed.

He's Canadian, just for the record. Sorry, you're not perfect after all, Canada.

Other famous faces, however, actually bring honor and pride to their countries of birth, so much so that America would gladly claim them for her own.

Many stars born elsewhere who work primarily in the U.S. seek dual citizenship, and that's actually pretty neat if you think about it. They love us! They really love us!

They seem as American as apple pie, but plenty of your favorite stars weren't born here at all. See 29 examples below ... and you'll never believe #29:

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman, nee Natalie Hershlag, was born in Jerusalem in 1981. She has dual citizenship in the United States and Israel.

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Stick figure families have taken over suburbia, you guys.

Seriously. It's like every minivan and SUV from here to soccer fields two towns over are adorned with these ridiculous vinyl decal expressions of family.

Not only can these be dangerous, because HELLO, you are putting the number/names of your children on the BACK OF YOUR CAR, they're typically just ... lame.

But not THESE decals we found while scouring the web to bring you the 19 best - or worst - stick family stickers ever slapped on a vehicle. These are something else.

We can totally get behind these. Literally, because we often drive cars and there's always traffic. Anyway, this list is sure to elicit a chuckle (or gasp) at a red light:

Ax Murderer
Sorry! She married an ax murderer!

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Look, we're not saying Disney has a vendetta against parents, but we ARE saying that if you're a parent in a Disney movie, you better skip ahead to the end of the script.

There's a super good chance you won't make it that far, and the audience who comes to see you will be crying into popcorn buckets and wiping away tears with buttery fingers.

Heartbreak, bullying, losing your pets, facing your own mortal peril. Ugh. It's enough to make us sad for weeks sometimes! These ARE movies for kids, right? RIGHT?!?!

From Bambi's mom to "Baby Mine," we present to you the 19 most depressing Disney moments EVER. Get your tissues out and steel yourselves ...

Bambi's Mom Dies
Look, I don't care who you are. Bambi's mom's death is probably THE SADDEST MOMENT EVER in Disney history. Ever. Followed SUPER closely by...

Yeah. Gonna be rough for the kiddos and parents alike.

See, if Disney movie posters and taglines just TOLD THE TRUTH about some of these cinema classics, we could save ourselves a bunch of heartache.

To wit, follow the jump for 19 honest Disney posters:

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It's a tale as old as time. Girl is sad. Girl meets boy. Girl is happy! And they both lived happily ever after! No really, that's the plot of more movies than we can count.

Very often the stories being told in kids' movies are wrapped up in shiny, colorful cartoon faces which do not actually reveal what the movie is about or the messages therein.

For instance, Frozen is not about a reindeer who befriends a snowman. And ANNA IS THE HEROINE but everyone loves Elsa because she gets the best song. Ugh.

It's always Elsa Elsa Elsa! (Anna 4 lyfe!!!)

But what if these beloved films' taglines told the truth? As an answer, here are 19 honest Disney posters. Seriously, Disney, what's up with all the orphans?

101 Dalmatians
Imagining having 101 children to keep up with pretty much gives us hives. This wouldn't have happened if people listened to Bob Barker.

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We're not exactly sure who decided to photoshop the teeth out of celebrity mouths or why, but this is a thing that exists on the Internet. For better or for worse.

The pictures are frightening and funny, sometimes simultaneously.

In some cases, it feels like we're getting a glimpse of what would happen if these celebrities had to age without the benefit of cosmetic dental implants to ensure their teeth are obnoxiously white while their skin shrivels and their hair fades to gray.

In others, well, we're horrified. You probably will be too.

So here's a look at what 19 celebrities would look like without teeth. Now if you'll excuse us we'll be brushing and flossing so this never, ever happens to us:

Anne Hathaway
Scale of 1 to OMG, Anne Hathaway with no teeth is OMGOMGOMG.

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Legendary actor Robin Williams' death, which shocked and saddened millions of fans, leaves behind a legacy in spoken words from the silver screen and beyond.

From the prolific list of characters he brought to life to his quips and quotable moments in interviews and appearances, his mark on the world will not be soon forgotten. 

Whether it was a plucky doctor Patch Adams or inspiring teachers in both Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, Williams had a knack for selecting roles.

Delicately balancing both comedy and drama, it seemed as if it was Williams' mission to bring a rare blend of vitality and humor to his art, no matter the subject.

As the world mourns this loss, many are taking a moment to remember the ways in which they were moved and made to feel something by Williams' work. 

Here are 21 of Robin Williams' most memorable quotes from life and film, his verses, if you will. Scroll through them, and tell us: What will YOUR verse be?

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