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Oh, people of Wal-Mart. You never, ever fail to disappoint by being, well, disappointing. 

It's almost like there's a competition to see who can be the most weird while walking around the store that sells pretty much everything while boasting "low, low prices." 

You'd probably never see these same shenanigans in Target, that's likely for sure. 

Behold, the 37 worst (best??) people of Wal-Mart photos you'll ever see. They'll either make you super sad for humanity or feel really, REALLY good about your life choices.

No matter how bad things are, at least you're not one of these people. We hope.

Clothing Optional
Hey, she's wearing shoes! That counts for something, right?

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It's hometown dates on The Bachelorette and Andi Dorfman is ready to meet the families, a responsibility she takes very, very seriously. Very seriously, you guys. 

Will she fall in love with Iowa? Or is Atlanta her forever home? The Bachelorette spoilers might give you a clue, but it's way more fun to watch The Bachelorette online, you know?

For the first hometown date of the night, Andi heads to Milwaukee to meet up with Nick. After spending a day touring the city and visiting a brewery, Nick takes her back to his mom's house to introduce her to 9 of his 10 siblings. 

"This is a big family," Andi says. The rest of the world goes "Oh, really?? NO WAY."

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While the hot dogs are being eaten and the patriotic cocktails consumed, you're probably going to want some tunes to groove to at your Fourth of July cookout.

Some musicians and bands out there are proudly shouting "Hey, we got your back!" Or, more appropriately, they've got your entertainment. 

Over 75 songs exist which contain the word "firework" or "fireworks" in the lyrics, though not many of them are actually about fireworks. Or the Fourth of July. 

Meh. Semantics, right?

We took the liberty of making you a Fourth of July playlist, featuring 11 songs titled "Fireworks." From Indie Rock to R&B, get ready to jam out before the skies light up with pyrotechnics:

Katy Perry - Firework (Official Video)
Katy Perry's "Firework" first appeared on her album Teenage Dreams.

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It's been 18 years since Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum (with help from Randy Quaid) saved the world from aliens in the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day, a film which has grossed more than $800 million worldwide.

With talks of a sequel in the works, and with several of the original film's principal cast set to reprise their roles, we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane to see where the cast of Independence Day is now.

Will Smith
Will Smith is still making movies, though none have grossed as much worldwide as Independence Day. He WAS nominated for two Oscars, though, so that doesn't suck.

Will Smith, of course, has gone on to great success in his post-pilot days, earning two Oscar nominations and making headlines for his daughter Willow Smith's behavior.

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Happy Independence Day!

Flags are flying and the rockets are red-glaring, and we're all preparing for a day of cooking out with family and friends. Want to jazz up your celebration and get the fireworks started early?

Here are some Fourth of July cocktail ideas to help you do just that!

Red, White, and Blue Daquiris
The 4th of July is guaranteed to be a scorcher. Cool off with red, white, and blue frozen daquiris. Layer watermelon, blue raspberry, and pina colada and enjoy. Bonus! These are easily made without alcohol for the kiddos celebrating, just serve in different glasses to avoid confusion.

When it comes to having colorful mixed drinks and mocktails for your guests, look no further than your good friends in your grocer's produce department.

Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon and pineapple are abundant, seasonal and add a little something sweet to your fête.

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Long before the Fourth of July fireworks go BOOM on Independence Day, you'll probably want to feed your face. Maybe even twice. 

Considering Americans will consume over 150 million hot dogs on Independence Day, those are certainly a staple for just about any cookout. But we can all do better than just hot dogs, right? Right!

Luckily for you, we've got a Fourth of July menu here that's sure to make your barbecue the best on the block!

From patriotic pasta to good ol' American Apple Pie, check out these grilling recipes and fire up that charcoal or propane. Let do this! 

Barbecue Chicken
Barbecue chicken is finger-lickin' good. You can't go wrong with a main dish like this one.

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Lest we ever forget, celebrities are regular people too.

Sure, they have paparazzi stalking them, taking pictures as they do normal things like grocery shop and go to the doctor. And, yeah, they probably can't use the bathroom without a tabloid reporting that they're snorting lines of a toilet paper dispenser.

But deep down they're just regular people with hobbies and hidden talents. People who like to collect things and build stuff.

They also happen to have the leisure time (sort of) and finances to support their pastimes. Also they make movies and look beautiful and walk red carpets and sing and dance!

They also use their free time in unexpected, fun ways. From needlepoint to knitting to knife collecting, check out 13 odd celebrity hobbies below:

Taylor Swift Does Needlepoint!
In addition to dancing like nobody's watching, Taylor Swift crafts by making her own snowglobes and doing needlepoint.

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Animals are better than people. It's true. And a fact universally acknowledged and accepted by people who know.

Like those of us here at The Hollywood Gossip.

We know our Kardashians and we know our animals. And while North West is an adorable celebrity baby, there is absolutely nothing more adorable than animals who think they're humans.

From lounging poolside to helping themselves to lunch to surfing, animals can do it all, even WITHOUT opposable thumbs. Who needs those anyway!?! (Humans, that's who...)

Below, check out 17 animals who seem to think they're human. Let's not tell them the truth, okay? Let's spare their very cute feelings.

Life Is a Highway
And these dogs just want to drive, you guys!!

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Sure, we all thought Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian was over the top. And, yeah, we've rolled our eyes whenever we've seen one of those flash mob marriage proposals go viral on Facebook.

But y'all. Those proposals were actually good compared to what we're about to show you.

We're talking vandalizing your own property, proposing via Facebook and a few that lead us to wonder what, exactly, it is the asker is even proposing in the first place.

Behold, 15 cringeworthy marriage proposals that might put Mama June and Sugar Bear to shame. Seriously, folks, do not try these at home. Or at the ballpark. Or on the freeway...

Emoji Are For Lovers
Real men say "I love you and want to marry you" with emoji hearts.

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We're equal opportunity pet lovers here at The Hollywood Gossip, but there's something about big dogs that just make us go all mushy in our heart parts.

Especially when those big dogs don't seem to be aware that they're quite so big.

Admit it. You've always wanted to snuggle with a St. Bernard. You know you have.

If you're lucky enough to be loved by a dog, you know just how adorable it is when they're completely unaware of their size and try to do the things their smaller counterparts do.

You also know how difficult it is to hide the Scooby Snacks on top of the fridge when the dog is as tall as the fridge. Yeah. #BigDogProblems #TheStruggleIsReal

Take a look below at 21 enormous canines who are under the VERY false, sometimes painful impression that they're actually lap dogs...

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