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It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Blossom Russo and her family graced our living rooms, mostly because that means we're 20 years older than when we first watched Blossom. 

That also means there's an entire generation of people on the planet who don't get the joke when we say "WHOA!


To celebrate the occasion, and to launch the series into syndication, The Hub television network got the cast together for a little walk down memory lane. 

Take a look at the Blossom cast now:

Blossom Cast: Now!
The cast of Blossom got together for a 20th anniversary reunion for The Hub network to launch the show into syndication!

Mayim Bialik, in addition to starring in The Big Bang Theory, went on to get a PhD in neuroscience and became a champion of attachment parenting, authoring books and being open about her lifestyle. 

As the only other cast member to find success in front of the camera, Joey Lawrence can now be seen on ABC Family's series Melissa and Joey

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In what is surely the most bizarre Kardashian news of the week - maybe even the entire month - an actual Kim Kardashian video game is coming.

This might be more absurd than the news that Farrah Abraham wrote an erotic trilogy. Tough call. Either way, you read the above sentence correctly.

The walking wonder that is Kim Kardashian and her giant decolletage and generous derriere are being cartoonized and game-ified. Legitimately.

If you've ever wanted to BE Kim, your chance has arrived.

The Kim Kardashian Video Game
Congratulations! You're Kim Kardashian! Minus 200.

We have so many questions about the Kim Kardashian video game, the first and most glaring of which is WHY? (Because why not, right??)

Beyond that, who the target audience is for this product is a mystery.

Tweens? Adult women with fantasies of reality TV stardom? Men who hope they'll get to be Ray J in a virtual reality Kim Kardashian sex tape?

More importantly, what's the point? How will the game be played?

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As Andi Dorfman continues to pursue love on The Bachelorette season 10 and her new career as a full time Bachelorette alum, the rest of the world is looking to the future.

And no, we're not talking about who'll win Andi's heart,as The Bachelorette spoilers have already given that away. We're talking about who will become the next Bachelor.

From what we've seen so far this season? Marquel Martin is our pick.

Not only would Martin help with ABC's rampant and, frankly, obnoxious, lack of diversity, he's an all around good guy. Plus he cried after being eliminated last night.

Because y'all, Marquel just wants to find love, okay!?!

He's PERFECT for the job, for all the right reasons.

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After the weekend's epic World Cup bender, there's a good chance there's more than one hungover person in your office this morning.

Actually, there's probably a good chance that there's more than one hungover person in your office every Monday morning ... but you see our point.

They're probably all praying that no pictures of their tomfoolery show up on the Internet, too, because after all, some people just aren't good at being drunk.

We don't mean they get ornery when they drink. We mean they pass out in the most awkward of places, like the top of a refrigerator (how do you even do that)!

Maybe things like that actually make them good at being drunk? So hard to say. At any rate, these 33 people are worse, or better, at being drunk than you ...

Flavor Flav
It's all fun and games until someone strips down to play beer pong dressed as Flavor Flav dressed as a curtain rod.

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Technology is supposed to make our lives better and easier, right? That's the idea of it, we imagine, although sometimes it does anything but. 

Take Siri, for instance.  Asking Siri ridiculous questions and awaiting her equally ridiculous responses is a favorite pastime of Apple lovers everywhere.

Anyone with an iPhone has a personal assistant in the palm of his or her hand, but sometimes that personal assistant seems permanently out to lunch.

Or decides to respond with inane and off the wall information probably just to screw with us, or delivers an insult so perfectly timed it's like she's our BFF.

And we keep coming back for more. Check out 17 hilarious Siri fails sure to make you laugh and maybe question whether Skynet is becoming aware ...

What Web Are You Using?
Siri is either straight up lying, isn't searching the web particularly hard or needs to turns Safe Search off.

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Whether it's on big screen to small, there's something sensual about vampires.

Maybe it's the way they get up close and personal with those they kill, or those they refrain from killing. Or it's the attraction of eternal youth and immortality.

Or maybe we're all just super weird for our intensely awkward attractions to fictional creatures, which is likely true. But let's not dwell on that part too much.

Whatever it is, there's no denying that when it comes to supernatural beings, vampires are the hottest. (Don't worry, Team Werewolf. You guys are a close second.)

From Dracula to Damon Salvatore, here are the 13 hottest vampires in Hollywood ...

Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries is hot, hot, HOT! Just look at his piercing blue eyes and try not to swoon!

Don't forget, you can watch True Blood online in time for this summer's final season, and catch up on all the rest of your favorite shows as well, at TV Fanatic!

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In what often seems like a genre focused on getting cars, cash, and girls, rap often gets a bad rap. Some of the genre's most talented voices use their powers for good.

Or they try. Instead of playing to the lowest common denominator, their politically charged and often personal song lyrics are an attempt to alter the course of pop culture.

It's easy to sell records when songs are about Miley Cyrus Twerking. Making people listen to your song about class struggles, religion, and racism is a different story.

Drake was 2013's most Tweeted about rapper. He definitely knows a thing or two about social media, and the personal stories behind his songs have made him immensely popular.

Fortunately, some rappers have made this their mission. They're the voices of political discourse for their generation. And they know the meaning of one simple word: diversify.

Instead of focusing solely on their careers as musical artists, they've branched out into the world of music production, acting, apparel, and public speaking.

Drake may not know the square root of 69, but he does know a thing or two about rap and joins a list of our 17 most intelligent rappers ever, a group of most definitely smart men.

Bottom line: There's more than one way to bank the Benjamins while spreading your message than merely rapping about being all about the Benjamins.

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Happy Father's Day from The Hollywood Gossip! It's time to celebrate the man in your life who, well, gave you life. Or at least the one who helped raise you.

Hollywood is notorious for its unflattering portrayals of fathers as being bumbling and incompetent men who have no business raising babies.

In real life, there are some celebrity dads (and regular, non-celebrity dads, too) who throw that trope right out the window and proving that they really do deserve that Dad of the Year award.

From being there for preschool pickup to rearranging work schedules to handle the nightly bedtime routine to coaching little league teams, our favorite famous dads do it all and do it in style.

Join us in celebrating 15 celebrity dads we love below!

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum is super in love with his daughter Everly. He even wore her when she was a newborn to shield her from the paparazzi AND help her stay soothed.

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When it comes to some of Hollywood's biggest and brighest stars, many of them are quick to thank their parents for unconditional support throughout the years.

Others, however, have tales of very public estrangement from their parents, their fathers in particular. Both make for interesting celebrity gossip stories.

Since it's Father's Day, we thought we'd take a look at 9 celebrities and their dads.

Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
Miley's dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, has always supported his daughter's musical career, for good or for ill.

It's hard to find a more supportive father than Billy Ray Cyrus. Despite any and all of Miley Cyrus' crazy antics throughout the years, Billy Ray has stood by his baby girl. 

Since it was his career which introduced her to this life, he's probably making the right call by keeping any disappointments he may have to himself.

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If you're going out to the club and you can't dance, no worries! There's always grinding, a "dance move" where you basically dry hump anyone in your general vicinity.

Sometimes graphically and/or in large groups. It's versatile like that.

Grinding is a move so egregious that schools across the country have attempted to eradicate it threatening students with suspension if they partake in it feverishly.

We're all for freedom of expression ... but we can sort of see why:

Grinding Orgy
You're grinding on the dance floor and suddenly everyone else is grinding on you. It's like a big grinding orgy in the bar.

Hormonal teens are far from alone in their desire to rub crotches.

From Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber to Nicki Minaj and even Nicole Kidman (seriously), even celebrities get in on the grinding action. And usually gross us out in the process.

Get ready to gag, ladies and gossipers alike, at the 13 grinding GIFs above, many of which you'll likely wish you could unsee but clearly cannot. Especially #5. WOW.

Kids these days. They have no idea what dancing was like in the '90s ...

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