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I'm a competitive reality TV junkie and totally think I can do better than any contestant. Of course that's a bit dillusional. 

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America's Got Talent headed to Seattle this week, with the show losing credibility every time Howie tries to let in lemon acts such as the Paper Horn Man.

The evening didn’t impress me much and I was surprised the producers decided kept this episode alone when tomorrow’s previews were miles better than most of the auditions this week. For the highs and lows, read on...

Jumping Rope

The Highs
Seattle's First Contestant, impressionist Melissa Villasenor, was probably the best opening for a talent show in a while. Comedians/impressionists don't normally succeed on the show, but she was almost pitch perfect and deserves to make it to America’s vote.

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So You Think You Can Dance made its final auditions stop last night in Los Angeles. 

As always, the evening began with waiting line cheers, high kicks, Cat learning how to move and slow motion flips. Along with Nigel and Mary, Tyce Diorio brought nothing but snarky sound effects to accentuate Mary's yells.

So You Think You Can Dance Cast Pic

Let's take a look at both the good, the bad and the ugly from the night, shall we?

The Good
Determination: Ariel Cocker auditioned in seasons four, five, and seven and made it through easily. You could see the drive in her eyes. Her walking had the kind of fire that only years of rejection could show.

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So You Think You Can Dance took its auditions to Salt Lake City and New York City last night, as Robin Antin joined Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe in Utah, while choreographer Jason Gilkinson was in Brooklyn. Robin's face actually looked less plastic then I remembered, but the commentary she provided was as fake as her face.

We always have a string of contemporary dancers do well during the auditions, so it was nice to see the show try to focus on several different genres, including krump and waackin'. The break dancers and ballroom dancers also delivered a good amount of talent.

Season 8 Contestants

Salt Lake City

Devon and Micha: The two steppers were good, but if you've ever been to a college campus, there are a high number of teams that are at the same caliber. Mary pointed out that they would probably struggle outside of their genre and it proved true. Micha couldn't hack the choreography, but Devon showed that he could get some air in his leaps.

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America's Got Talent kicked off season six in Los Angeles last night with Mr. Mariah Carey back, trying to make some money for the family, while Mariah tends for her twins.

We were treated to a pair of recaps, one of where the show is headed and one of former winners. I already forgot who Michael Grimm was because Jackie Evanco has gotten the eyes of Oprah. Has any of the America's Got Talent contestants maintained a real Las Vegas show? I was worried that so many singing acts made it to the finals last season.

When I think of a Las Vegas act, I'm expecting something in the caliber of Blue Man Group or Cirque du Solei.

Piers, Sharon, and Howie were excited about starting near Hollywood. The audience was ready to boo the teams of horrible contestants as the germaphobic Howie ignored every hand possible. It seemed interesting that the producers decided to spend the first episode with both Los Angeles and Atlanta. If they didn't force a commercial during the stun gun juggler, the two audition cities would have introduced one or two more acts.

So, who stood out?

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