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I'm a competitive reality TV junkie and totally think I can do better than any contestant. Of course that's a bit dillusional. 

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The final set of the original 48 America's Got Talent performers gave us a mix of really good and really NOT good performances last night. After a very slow first hour, the show ended with one of the most awe inspiring routines in memory from Team iLuminate.

We grade it, and others, below.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team in Action

Kinetic King - The installation may have taken two days and nights for set-up, but I didn't get how being a kinetic artist would be the winner of the show. He did have unnecessary models and immediately the whole thing didn't work. I felt bad for him, but the fact that he still talked to Nick was admirable. My Grade: D+.

Zuma Zuma - The Kenyans were happy to fulfill their dreams and were willing to add elements to their performance, but they were totally different from their last two performances, including their better costumes. Their climbing skills were cool but they spent too much time transitioning between tricks while the others bounced in the background. My Grade: B+.

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Lady GaGa took to the stage and two more contestants took to the road on So You Think You Can Dance last night. A detailed review follows.

Group Dance - Contemporary (Tyce Diorio) - The group performed a circus themed piece with Jess as the ringmaster and it was interesting to see everyone’s moves used in a freaky kind of way. They managed to cover up Tadd's lack of contemporary skills by placing him on a rope swinging around instead of doing choreography. It was fun to watch because there was so much to look at.

Jess LeProtto and Jordan Casanova

Eliminations - The four girls were up on stage first to find out who was in the bottom. At this point, there was a clear divide between them. Sasha and Melanie basically could do no wrong, even with Sasha's forgettable Quickstep. Melanie also had the advantage of having Neil as her all-star.

The problem with Jordan and Caitlynn is that they fill the same dance-type: sexy contemporary. Jordan had a rocky night with an okay Tyce routine and an above average rhumba. Caitylnn was forgettable. After the commercial break, the top two girls were obviously Sasha and Melanie.

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Rob Marshall and Lady GaGa joined the So You Think You Can Judge panel this week, as the dancers put in 12 performances. Makes me tired just thinking about it...

Sasha & Pasha - Quickstep (Jonathan Roberts) - Their dancing was over exaggerated in the beginning. It looked like Pasha was holding Sasha upright and, if he wasn't there, she'd fall right over. The dance was done well, but will probably be forgotten. There was something tribal about Sasha's dancing, but it could have been because of the headpiece. My Grade: B+.

Pasha Kovalev and Sasha Mallory

Caitlynn & Ivan - Hip-Hop (Marty Kudelka) - Just like the song, the performance felt very 2004/2005 as if Ivan was a contestant instead of an all-star. Caitlynn fit perfectly during the routine, but the routine felt safe and cliché. My Grade: C.

Jordan & Ade - Jazz (Tyce Diorio) - Tyce proved again his Jazz routines are better than his Broadway. Tyce implemented all of Jordan's flexibility and sex kitten attitude to her full potential. The assisted lifts and jumps looked easy with Ade easily lifting and throwing her around. My Grade: B+.

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Let's ignore the Smurf crossovers from last night's America's Got Talent results show and just focus on who moved on, okay?


Eliminations Part 1 - Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, Purrfect Angelz - Johnson had a messy performance; he needs more time to mature. The Summerwind Skippers were good, but suffered from the fact that they went first in a show packed with several standout acts. They got lost in the shuffle of really good performances. There was nothing spectacular for the Purrfect Angelz; they fit perfectly for a NASCAR or even a wrestling match and maybe this exposure could book them a few extra gigs. I was happy to hear that none of them moved on. I wouldn't even want to see them during the wildcard acts.

Musical Guest - Stevie Nicks "For What It's Worth" - One day when I grow old, I hope I'm rocking like Stevie Nicks when I get old, still writing original music and booking gigs on America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. Extra credit for her including Michael Grimm on her tour.

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This is the first week this season that America's Got Talent emphasized told us not to tru things at home. Got that, everyone who is about to break out the pole dancing, motocross, and juggling acts in your living room?

Come along as I play the role of judge and grade each performance...

AGT Judges

Summerwind Skippers - The routine started off pretty standard with some solo work, but the circular handoffs needed precision. The group jump was a cute transition. There were some good Double Dutch moments, but the lights were distracting and a smart way to cover up any mistakes. I'm sure that Piers would have buzzed them if he caught any mistake. My Grade: A-.

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It seems like production value of So You Think You Can Dance went up this week in hopes that Nigel Lythgoe could get another Emmy nod.

A few extra camera pans in the beginning and increased set lighting, along with Cat Deeley's always cheeky hosting and guest judge Neil Patrick Harris' best fanboy comments, made for a fun night on the hit Fox competition.

The show definitely brought out the big guns, past and present, as the 10 remaining dancers competed to advance. Let's break down the performances ...

Melanie and Pasha

Marko & Chelsie: Samba (Jason Gilkison) - Just like on Dancing with the Stars, you just can't keep your eyes off of Chelsie and Jason made sure that there were sections where only Marko was dancing. The dance was filled with really hard choreography and Chelsie was swinging everywhere; while she kicked Marko in the head in practice, everything went perfect in the dance. Marko did a good job keeping up with Chelsie and that's all that he needed to do to succeed. My Grade: A-.

Sasha: Solo - While Sasha was a bit wobbly in her first pose, she upped the complexity of her solo this time around had a strong combination of ground work and aerial movements. Her solos have improved since she landed in the bottom three.

Jordan & Brandon: Contemporary (Dwight Rhodan & Desmond Richardson) - The dance was a run-on sentence of contemporary movements. Jordan looked effortless during the whole routine so the dance must have been catered to Jordan and Brandon's strengths. The side-by-side choreography was some of the strongest this whole season. Brandon did a great job supporting Jordan without stealing her spotlight. My Grade: A-.

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After a night of mediocre performances Tuesday, the preview for last night clearly set the five performers up even before the eliminations took place.

There was nothing surprising about this week's America's Got Talent results except for the fact that America didn’t mind the more flamboyant efforts.

Let's break down how it all played out ...

AGT Results Show

Eliminations, Part 1: The Rhinestone Ropers, Thomas John, Silhouettes - The Rhinestone Ropers failed because they thought that an animal performance would have been dynamic, but after so many failed bird acts it was inevitable that they would be cut. The fact that there was no dog act this year should have signaled the Ropers not to try the horse. With two X's Thomas John's hopes were pretty slim.

The Silhouettes were through easily. Sure they may have pandered to the American theme, but I just hope that they will do shapes that could stand on their own without any projections to help America.

Guest Performance: Hot Chelle Rae "Tonight Tonight" - Is anyone else reminded of Michael Cera when staring at lead singer Ryan Follese? The performance wasn't here or there. At least the vocals weren't lip synced.

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Man, I'm sleepy.

That wasn't exactly the most exciting installment of America's Got Talent, as most acts in Las Vegas chose poor, boring songs. But a few still made a strong impressions, and all are graded below...

The Rhinestone Ropers

Attack Dance Crew - While Piers was hoping the performance was "fresh and exciting" it ended up being a flop. ADC added stunts causing their choreography to suffer. Howie called them "cheerleaders," and all that was missing from their transitions were the cheer claps. When the camera went overhead, the team wasn't perfectly aligned, the tricks looked sloppy, and the choreography was cliché. My Grade: C+.

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Last night, So You Think You Can Dance revealed which 10 contestants will go on the show's nationwide tour this summer, and more significantly, remain in the running in the race to become America's favorite dancer.

So who got the axe and who will perform with the All-Stars next week?

Here Are Your Judges!

Early on, we're heavily reminded that SYTYCD is now Emmy Nominated for Best Reality Competition and Reality Competition Host. Cat Deeley deserved the nomination and bashfully accepted the applause from the audience.

Group Dance - Paso Doble (Kelly Abbey): Jordan was the lead woman in the large skirt in the beginning with the guys creating flowing shapes of her skirt. The rest of the girls arrived with a synchronized fan routine.

The guys had a strong power tricks and their choreography was actually close, now with Chris gone. The group pose in the middle was a great fake out and the tempo increase was a great way of ending the routine.

Eliminations, Part I: The eliminations began with Caitlynn & Mitchell and Clarice & Jess; the two couples had one strong routine each and one that fell short.

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With choreographer Sonya Tayeh and Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson by their sides, the So You Think You Can Dance panel judged two pieces by the remaining couples last night. So did we...

Sasha & Alexander: Paso Doble (Toni & Melanie) - The story was supposed to be about fighting and passion and the dance really looked like it was supposed to be for two guys to perform. While a part of me was disappointed there was no cape/matador, the performance was an equal battle that played on Sasha's strengths. The two had power moves in between very intricate choreography, but the middle section was sloppy. The side by side dances and the knee slides were fun to watch. My Grade: A-.

Clarice Ordaz and Jess LeProtto

Jordan & Tadd: Contemporary (Travis Wall) - The story was about a vulture chasing a dying man. Travis played it smart and played to the two dancers' strengths, instead of actually choreographing before the routine. Tadd's great breaker movements and Jordan's extensions were used correctly to create wonderful shapes. The catered dance looked comfortable doing the routine. The twist at the end where the guy finally survived tried its best to break the whole "black widow" women this season. My Grade: A+.

Ryan & Ricky: Broadway (Spencer Liff) - It's sad to say that the concept, a poster coming to life, feels overplayed. Outside of the cool clothing, the couple wasn't as smooth as Spencer hoped they would be. There was a nice cheeky nature to the routine, but it didn't play up their strengths like the prior dances have. The two didn't fit like Jess may have had. My Grade: C.

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