Nosy Neighbor

The Real Housewives of Miami share their families as the "Parents Fly South" to visit. We recap who was gracious and who's making their daughter-in-law's life Hell in our THG +/- review. Lea throws son RJ a birthday bash at her Star Island abode. It's become the party place and the 11 year old tells his friends they can wreck it if they want to since they really don't live there. Minus 10.

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The Real Housewives of Miami throw the dinner party from Hell and is it  "A Better or Bitter Place." We recap all of the tears, begging, and bullying in our THG +/- review. It's been a week since Joanna and Adriana's showdown and Romain's still not talking. The silence has Joanna begging for a sit down.

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, if "Excess Breeds Success," what creates laziness and bad manners?

We break down all the high maintenance and low class moments in THG's weekly +/- review! NeNe's riding high and loving life. Off in L.A. she's a star representing her new show The New Normal in a gay pride parade and all of the love is a little overwhelming.  Plus 18.