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Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves have named their son Levi.

While we don't feel an explanation is necessary for such an awesome moniker, McConaughey dropped this bit of knowledge on fans anyway:

"Levi was another name for the apostle Matthew in The Bible. They were, in fact, two names for the same person. Our son was born at 6:22 pm, and this particular time represents my favorite verse in the book of Matthew in The Bible: 'If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light.'"

Amen, Matthew. Amen.

With a father that looks like this, Levi Alves McConaughey is in good hands. And feet. And pectorals.

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In her latest blog entry, Kim Kardashian shared with her fans just how chaotic the life of an untalented reality TV star can be.

"My mom and [step-dad] Bruce [Jenner] woke up recently to their house covered in toilet paper!!!" she wrote Sunday. "I strongly suspect it was done by people who know or are connected to the family."

Nice Body

Or to Paris Hilton, of course.

From vandals to pool parties, life is rarely dull for Kim Kardashian!

Meanwhile, Kim also filled readers in on the crazy Fourth of July pool party she enjoyed with her family and boyfriend Reggie Bush.

"[My sister] Khloe and Reggie started it by throwing my mom in! "Then Reggie threw [my brother] Rob in and broke his cell phone! Then Reggie threw Khloe in! Then Khloe threw me in!"

What a truly amazing celebration. Thank goodness Kim has a blog to keep us all updated on these series of events.

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Lara Logan, the hottest CBS foreign affairs correspondent on the planet, is pregnant.

She's expecting a baby January... with a man who is not her husband. Logan says the father is a married federal contractor who lives in Iraq.

Once their respective divorces are finalized, she and the baby daddy will be getting married. Finally, someone stationed in Iraq received a good piece of news!

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Sarah Larson may have said goodbye to George Clooney a couple months ago when the couple broke up - but the model told Britain's Hello! magazine that her and the hunky actor are still on good terms.

"George is a great guy, a wonderful person," Larson said, stating the obvious. "I don't regret spending time with him... We still remain friends and have kept in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone a couple of days ago."

Newly single, Sarah Larson is now free to be pressed up against a wall by sweaty men at parties such as this.

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For the B-52s' Kate Pierson, the love shack has become the nude photo shack!

Indeed, a picture of that group's lead singer in the buff was allegedly taken by a former lover. Since then, he's had a falling out with Pierson and responded in the only rational way he could think of:

By leaking a naked pic of the musician, taken from the days he was dating her. Follow this article's jump now to take a look at it...

Continue Reading...

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So, Brooke Hogan wants to be known as a hottie?

Based on the following shot of Hulk and Linda's (very cleanly shaven) daughter, it's apparent this awful singer is trying to move into the modeling world:

But does Brooke have what it takes?

As a comparison, here's a shot of the world's best looking model, Marisa Miller, from a recent GQ photo shoot. Will Hogan ever reach such an insanely hot status?

Naked Marisa Miller Picture

Which seductress looks best: Brooke Hogan or Marisa Miller?

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While the celebrity baby bug has bitten stars such as Nicole Kidman and Camila Alves, the break-up beatle has crawled all over a pair of kind of high profile relationships.

First, Kate Moss has reportedly split from rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince.

The couple had been dating for 10 months, but seemingly hit an obstacle during the July 4 weekend after a heated fight early Saturday morning. Later that day, Hince was spotted moving his belongings out of Moss' North London home.

Despite looking totally happy and in love in this photo, Jamie Hince and Kate Moss have broken up.

Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have broken up, as the actress' spokesperson said she "can confirm the split with no additional comment."

Barrymore and Long began dating last August. They met, ironically, on the set of the upcoming movie, He's Just Not That Into You.

In other, presumed break-up news: How long before Deanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak call it quits?

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Regardless of which child receives the most votes in the fashion face-off below, we can all agree on one thing:

Cuteness is the true winner in this competition.

Mother and Nahla

On the left, Jennifer Garner holds two-year old Violet. On the right, Tobey Maguire and daughter Ruby don't look intimidated by the striped-challenge in front of them.

Take a close look and let us know: Which child wears this design better?

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Corbin Bleu is feeling blue.

The wild-haired actor recently finished shooting his final scene for High School Musical 3, the final film in the Disney franchise, at least for its core group of stars.

"It's in this junkyard where our characters spent so much of our childhood pretending to be pirates and ninjas," Bleu told USA Today of the scene, a duet with co-star Zac Efron. "It's a whole fantasy of us being kids again."

Bleu's career was launched on the hit Disney show. Therefore, it's not easy to see the series end.

"This has been such a huge part of my life," he said. "For this to be the last installment for us is pretty surreal."

Corbin Bleu has sung his final musical in high school.

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