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Miranda Wicker

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Once upon a time, I was a teacher. What no one tells you in Teacher School is that kids can be kind of funny sometimes.

For many, it's a way to distract you from the fact that they don't know the material. And sometimes you get kids who are just too smart for their own good.

And then there are the kids who, despite your best efforts to get the information inside their brains, just can't hold on to anything you say because math. (I taught English. Because math...)

If I'd received any of the following homework and test answers, I might have had to give a little credit to some of these kids simply for the laughs induced by their responses.

Check out these 11 hilarious homework answers and know that this is the future of the world, for good or for ill.

Because MATH
I did always hate having to explain my answer in math class. Isn't it obvious?

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