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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Apparently they're just giving these things away now. Fortunately, at least, that's gotta mean The Hollywood Gossip will receive one soon.

Despite being nothing more than a real estate mogul in a world obsessed with reality TV, Donald Trump received the 2,327th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday.

Donald Trump Profile

He'd probably want to us to mention that Rosie O'Donnell doesn't have one yet.

Surrounded by family and friends, The Donald thanked the crowd and opined about his experience on The Apprentice, saying, "It really has been a special moment in my life."

Firing people always is, Don. You'd know after your unceremonious dumping of Katie Rees.

Mark Burnett, creator of The Apprentice, had some words about his good friend that danced around the feud with Rosie.

"There's two things to know about Donald," Burnett said. "If you're his friend, he'll go to war for you. But never become his enemy. You never want to become this man's enemy because he'll get you."

But will he call you a "fairy," like Melissa Joan Hart will?

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We often joke about Anna Nicole Smith.

After all, have you seen any of these pictures?

Playboy Bunny

But the fact that the Coroner in the Bahamas will conduct a formal inquest into the death of her son, Daniel, isn't very funny. TMZ has even learned one of the witnesses will testify that Howard K. Stern gave Anna's son one of the drugs that killed him.

The inquest will be held on March 26.

More than 20 witnesses will be called in the case, including Smith and Stern.

A source in the coroner's office says one of the witnesses will testify that Stern allegedly gave Daniel Smith methadone. Moreover, the witness will testify that Stern flushed the remaining methadone down the toilet after Daniel died.

The coroner made a quick decision to hold the inquiry after getting the police file on the case last Friday. Meanwhile, a paternity test to determine the real father of Dannielyn Hope Marshall Stern is due by January 23.

What a sad mess.

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In case you're wondering about the status of Shanna Moakler and her ex-husband, don't worry. The former beauty queen has cleared it up the only mature way celebrities know how:



Despite having been seen in public with Travis Barker a lot recently, Shanna insists there are no romantic intentions. It's all for the kids, supposedly.

Here is her recent MySpace posting, word for ungrammatical word:

"travis and i are not back together. we are working on being good friends and even better parents, we did celebrate our daughters first birthday at disney with our friends and family and our children it was really fun!"

Moakler did not mention whether or not her current beau, porn legend Jay Grdina, was present at the celebration.

The former Miss USA also had no comment on the latest beauty pageant to lose her crown: Ashley Harder.

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We don't know Milos Pogacar, but we're gonna offer the ski instructor this piece of advice: Run for it.

If there's any truth at all to the rumor that you're getting back together with your ex, Heather Mills, we suggest you turn and leave as quickly as you can. We doubt she'll catch up to you. The woman only has one leg.

Ugly Hair

All this talk got started because Milos was invited to Mills' birthday dinner last week.

Once there, the former couple was spotted kissing and hugging, sparking the possibility that the short romance these two enjoyed 15 years ago may begin again.

Interestlingly enough, Ben Amigoni - another rumored flame of Heather - was at the party, too.

Referring to Pogacar, though, a friend told the Sunday Mirror: "Heather's always had a special place in her heart for Milos. We're thrilled for her. There's every possibility this could be the start of something new."

This same source said "Heather needs someone who also likes fitness and healthy eating." Being rich and a former Beatle doesn't hurt, either.

Milos and Mills chatted over the meal and then went dancing with the rest of the group at nearby Amour nightclub. Once there, Pogacar had to fight with a drunk Matthew McConaughey over who would take Heather home.

Just kidding.

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Good news, Jessica Simpson: You aren't the only wasted celebrity.

In fact, any time you feel like boozing, there's a good chance Matthew McConaughey will join you. And God bless him for that.

Go UT!

The actor is seen here having a good time during a break from filming Fool's Gold, a movie co-starring Kate Hudson being shot in Australia. Patrons of the bar say the actor was enjoying the scene until around 3 a.m., at which point he and a brunette left to get a "kebob."

We're not entirely sure what that means. Maybe we should ask a nymph such as Keeley Hazell.

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While Britney Spears poses and preens for the paparazzi, other celebrities try to avoid the spotlight.

Take Kate Middleton, for example. Her lawyers have issued a final warning to the UK press: Stop photographing Middleton or face possible legal action.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Picture

Middleton's lawyers Harbottle & Lewis have resorted to secretly filming the paparazzi's pursuit of Middleton, according to a letter sent to the Press Complaints Commission.

The video footage would ostensibly support possible legal claims of harassment down the road against the long-time girlfriend of Prince William.

"This letter is a final warning," a PCC spokesman said. "It's an indication to all the editors that Miss Middleton's lawyers have evidence of harassment. Every newspaper editor will now receive a copy of that letter."

The royal family is said to be concerned for Middleton's safety, given the late Princess Diana's battles with the paparazzi throughout her life. It's a lesson attention-starved waifs such as Lindsay Lohan should also consider.

Middleton's lawyer Gerard Tyrrell wrote to the PCC:

"As I have consistently made clear to both magazine and newspaper editors over the past nine months, my client strongly objects to having her photograph taken in a public place while going about her private business."

That's something Jessica Simpson probably agrees with after being seen looking less than sober on New Year's Eve.

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Only Brad Pitt could upstage Drew Brees.

While the latter has moved the New Orleans Saints to within one game of the Super Bowl, the former has simply moved into the city. And that's newsworthy enough.

Bored with Brad

Pitt and his lovely ladyfriend, Angelina Jolie, have taken up residence in the city most besieged by Hurricane Katrina. Naturally, children - Maddox,5, Zahara, 2, and 7-month-old Shiloh - have joined them.

"We love it there," Jolie told Us Weekly at the Golden Globe Awards after confirming the move. "The kids are going to go to school there. We're really looking forward to it."

So are locals, such as Jorge Palacios. The random dude said Jolie blended right in at a city restaurant the other night:

"No one at my table believed me when I told them it was her."

It's a good thing for Angelina that the Sports Gal wasn't anywhere in the vicinity.

Rest assured Brangelina will get to work with charities in the region. Aside from looking beautiful, it's what the couple does best.

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Wouldn't you be, too, if you had to hang out with the bore that is John Mayer all night?

Seen here on New Year's Eve, Jessica Simpson appears to be having a good time; one she may or may not have remembered the following morning.


We're glad Jessica and John had a fun night, but it looks slightly different than the loving evening Simpson's ex, Nick Lachey, spent with his girlfriend.

He and Vanessa Minnillo were coherent during their public celebration on MTV. Rumors are evenswirling that the former 98 Degrees singer popped an important question to the TRL host that night.

The Hollywood Gossip will keep you updated on that possibility. We'll also report on any future Jessica Simpson sex tape news, but that talk has died down. Fortunately, though, the following is alive and well:

Keeley Hazell has definitely made a nude home video.

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It was a pretty good evening for Ugly Betty and a few other shows at the Golden Globe Awards last night.

In a pleasant surprise, America Ferrera (pictured) took home the trophy for best TV comedy actress.

Morgan Freeman Pic

She dedicated it to everyone who is not exactly beautiful - somewhere, Anna Nicole Smith was weeping with gratitude.

Meanwhile, the movie Dreamgirls won for best musical or comedy, while former American Idol Jennifer Hudson remained an Oscar favorite with a victory for best supporting actress.

In other awards news:

  • Grey's Anatomy was the best TV drama series. We agree.
  • The winner of top actor in a musical or comedy was none other than Borat himself: Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • Babel was named best movie. As if Brad Pitt didn't have enough in his life to be thankful for.

Helen Mirren was best actress for her role in The Queen.

But we have nothing funny to say about that.

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Lindsay Lohan is a girl almost always going wild.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the man rumored to be getting an up close and personal view of the world's most famous firecrotch is Joe Francis.

Broke and Likely Drunk

He's the creator of Girls Gone Wild.

According to The New York Post, Francis was actually by Lindsay's side during her appendectomy and hit up the Golden Globe party circuit with her last night.

This should be one development Jack Bauer is not surprised at.

The pairing of Lohan and Francis seems almost too perfect, with the latter a boob connossieur and the former a major boob.

We can't wait until this new couple hits the town with Britney Spears and Isaac Cohen.

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