Hilton Hater

Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Hearty congratulations are due to Mark Wahlberg and fiancee Rhea Durham.

The couple welcomed their third child, a boy, Tuesday in Los Angeles. No name has been released yet.

Salma Hayek, Boobs

While the pair already have a 4-year-old daughter, Ella, and a 2-year-old son, Michael, Wahlberg only proposed to Durham recently. But h

"We continue to grow in our relationship, and we have a much better chance of succeeding and staying together now," the actor told Us Weekly.

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Should Justin Gaston be jealous of Cody Linley?

The Hannah Montana co-star plays Jake, Miley Cyrus' love interest on the hit show.

Drunk Cody Linley

In the following old interview, though, Linley makes it apparent that he and Miley are nothing more than friends.


Don't forget: you can catch Cody Linley on this season of Dancing with the Stars!

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It's official, folks:

Michael Lohan is engaged to Erin Muller.

Lindsay's ex-con of a father had pretty much made this announcement last month - but he's now announcing it to the world, via Star Magazine (the bigger gossip tabloids, like most of the world, obviously don't care very much).

“We’re thrilled to announce our engagement. We can’t wait to start our life together as a married couple,” the couple, who have been dating for over a year, said in a statement. “We haven’t set a date yet, but we hope it will be a family affair.”

And we hope tear gas is dropped onto said family affair.

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Might Elisabeth Hasselbeck be leaving The View?

While this may cause many liberals to get more excited than they are over the news that the Sarah Palin love-fest has been replaced by the Sarah Palin consternation-fest, this possibility actually saddens The Hollywood Gossip staff.

Hasselbeck admirably stands up for her conservative opinions on the talk show. There's nothing wrong with that. It makes for solid debate.

But “Elisabeth feels she can’t win at The View, but she’s been told by friends at FOX News that they’d find a spot for her without hesitation,” The National Enquirer reports. “Elisabeth is just as tired of the ladies at The View as they are of her! She feels she constantly has to defend herself."

Do you wanna see Elisabeth Hasselbeck stay or go?

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We like to challenge our readers.

Questions such as which would you rather see, Kim Kardashian nude or Holly Madison nude, have stumped celebrity gossip fans for generations.

Now, though, our staff has come up with a truly confounding quandary.

Study the photo below closely. It's a shot of Pamela Anderson and a new friend at last night's Vivienne Westwood fashion show in London. Then, answer the question underneath it...



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Sorry, ladies. Not every Justin Gaston picture showcases the new boyfriend of Miley Cyrus in his underwear.

In vetting this new celebrity gossip favorite, we came across the following photo, courtesy of his profile with Premiere Model Management. Say hello to Gaston the greaser...

While the only fact we actually need to know about Justin Gaston is that he makes Miley happy, here are some stats about the musician that we uncovered:

  • Height: 6'0"
  • Chest: 39"
  • Waist" 31"
  • Shoe size: 10.5
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown

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Brooke Hogan was on the Howard Stern show yesterday morning.

And for someone who claims to "know best" in her reality TV show, the atrocious singer and dresser may wanna read up on her politics. Among other issues discussed, Brooke said she didn't know who the current Vice President of the United States is.

Hulk and Brooke Photo

Hey, we wish Dick Cheney didn't exist, too, but we're pretty sure just forgetting his name won't do the trick.

Here are other topics Stern and Hogan touched on:

Her father's girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel: The two often hang out, McDaniel is “really nice,” and she looks nothing like Brooke in person. Yeah, right.

Her mom, who’s currently dating a 19-year classmate of Brooke's: She hasn’t spoken to her mom since May and asks about Charley Hill: “Why would a 19-year old boy be interested in a 48-year old woman?”

Her giant breasts: Brooke claims they are real - and a size D.

On shaving her private parts:“That’s like a little lasagna right there. You don’t want that out.” Well, okay then.

On anal sex: Her butt is “exit only." (We'd also wager money that the world will see it in Playboy one day.)

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Selena Gomez is only 16 years old.

That may explain why the Wizards of Waverly Place star showed up at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party last night in a polka-dotted ensemble.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

We doubt you'd catch an actress that could legally drink in such an ensemble, but the adorable Gomez can get away with it

Or can she?!?

What do you think of ths dress?


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Kim Kardashian is more than a large-breasted sex tape star.

She's an advice columnist!

Boring Kim Kover

In a recent entry on her official website, Kim answered a question from a girl who asked how one can become famous:

I have a question: I am 13 and I want to be famous but my parents won't let me do anything that might put me in the spotlight. What should I do to get them to ease up?

Fortunately, Kim didn't pass on the phone number of Ray J to this young, impressionable girl. Instead, she hammered home the reality of fame to all who would listen:

why do you want to be famous? You have to want it for the right reasons. Certain people love the attention and the glamor of being famous and others wish they could just do their job and make the same amount of money but not be as famous as they are!

Believe it or not, fame is not as glamorous as it seems. I think it is much harder now with all of the media outlets, and people can be pretty nasty and harsh! To be famous in this day you have to be strong!!!!

How true. How profound.

Sadly, Kim Kardashian never had a choice when it came to fame. One second she was spreading her legs on a sex tape released to the public; the next second she was posing in Playboy; and the next second she found herself in the celebrity gossip spotlight!

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