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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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At this point, it's easier to list all the celebrities that are NOT appearing on an upcoming special episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Reports state that Kendra Wilkinson will portray a magazine cover-version of herself on the show, which will be centered around Marshall's (Jason Segel) search for a place to read while working.

The episode - which airs in January - will also feature a trio of The Hollywood Gossip staff favorites: Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Get your DVR ready, folks!

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Joe Jonas is many things: a heart throb, a talented young singer, a loyal brother.

But the musician has updated his MySpace page to clear up a rumor started by ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift this week: he's not a cheater.

"Several things I will state with all my heart," writes Jonas in his blog, in response to Swift's accusation that he ended their relationship due to feelings for Camilla Belle. "I never cheated on a girlfriend. It might make someone feel better to assume or imply I have been unfaithful but it is simply not true. Maybe there were reasons for a breakup. Maybe the heart moved on. Perhaps feelings changed. I am truly saddened that anything would potentially cause you to think less of me."

Technically, Swift claims her and Jonas broke up because "he met" Belle, not because he bedded the actress behind Taylor's back.

Still, Joe felt the need to speak out to his fans.

"I wish the best for the other person, but could not sit back any longer and leave our fans with a wrong impression of the truth. Hope this helps enlighten a little."

Do you believe that Jonas remained loyal to Swift?

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Love Tila Tequila, or think she's a waste of clothing (the few times she chooses to wear any), you gotta hand it to this reality TV star: She knows how to stay in the news.

Following rumors that Tila hooked up with Justin Long in Las Vegas, this celebrity gossip guru proved adept at selling mystery over admission.

Book Reader

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and it should just stay there," Tequila told Us Weekly about the supposed make out session. "I don't remember anything."

This could be due to diminished brain capacity, too much alcohol on the night in question or - most likely - both.

As for her romance with Courtenay Semel?

"Everything is cool," Tequila said. "We made a pact to not talk about our relationship anymore. It tends to cause a lot of strain in our relationship."

Okay then. What about choosing between men and women, Tila?

"I just go with my feelings. If one day you are into someone and the next day, you meet someone else that you are into, just go with what your heart wants. There is no rules. I follow my heart."

Not to mention the closest photographer.

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Thomas Beatie, dubbed the "Pregnant Man," is knocked up again.

In an recent interview with Barbara Walters, the transgender individual says he's in his first trimester.

Beatie tells Walters that he didn't go back on the male hormone testosterone after his daughter, Susan, was born. The reason? He wanted to have another baby.

"I feel good," said Beatie, who is due on June 12. "I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track."

Thomas Beatie Pregnant

We're happy for Thomas Beatie and her wife. But we refuse to refer to someone with female sex organs as a "man." Aren't those body parts exactly what distinguishes one gender from the other?

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We'll never understand Courtenay Semel.

One moment, the useless socialite is making out with occasional lesbian Tila Tequila; the next, she's all over fashion designer Wayne Joffe.

The two were spotted out together in celebration of Semel's birthday earlier this week. While we can't confirm a hook up between the pair, a source states that Joffe "may be a jazzbo."

We'll have more news on that possibility as it breaks, but this much is certain: Semel is one angry Q-list celebrity...

Chill out, Courtenay Semel. You posted these pics on your own Facebook account.

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From a high school yearbook to a High School Musical star.

There's no question that Zac Efron is downright adorable.

We've uncovered a photo of the actor from his actual high school yearbook. While it's a bit grainy, there's no mistaking that shaggy hair or those dreamy eyes.

Therefore, we're asking readers to choose their favorite Zac: Then or now?

High School Yearbook Photo


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Here's an update on the tragic Paula Goodspeed situation:

According to Los Angeles Police Department Captain James Miller, the troubled, former American Idol contestant had been to Paula Abdul's house prior to her suicide. While it's unclear if the judge was directly harassed by her self-proclaimed number-one fan, Miller said the disturbances caught the attention of cops.

"Our station has been called to respond to Paula Abdul's house on multiple occasions over the last several years concerning Ms. Goodspeed," Miller told People Magazine. "The last time our officers had contact with Goodspeed was in July."

Meanwhile, we've uncovered another video of Goodspeed from a few years ago. Follow the article's jump to view it...

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Move over, Adrienne Bailon. Your time in the naked spotlight may be coming to an end.

It's been revealed that Corrie Loftin - an admitted wild gal, model and contestant on Paris Hilton's My New BFF - posed for Playboy in 2005.

In her official show bio, the former Girls Gone Wild star cites her "aura and energy" as the key reasons people are drawn to her; that and her penchant for taking her clothes off, it should be added.

Follow this article's jump to check out a series of Corrie Loftin nude photos. Hilton's search for a BFF ought to be over, right? Will Paris ever find someone more similar to herself as Corrie?

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A handful of readers have written in and expressed shock that Joe Jonas would get into a new relationship - with actress Camilla Belle - so soon after breaking up with Taylor Swift.

We can now count Swift in that group, as the singer told OK! that Belle was actually the basis for her and Jonas' split.

"They've been together since we broke up," Swift said. "That's why we broke up - because he met her."

So Influential

Does that mean her and Joe aren't friends? 

"We don't talk," Swift said.

Ouch. We wonder if the cheating Belle will toll next for Camilla. Look out, honey!

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Hank Baskett caught a touchdown pass that gave the Philadelphia Eagles a 24-20 lead in the third quarter last week. Unfortunately, the team ultimately lost to the Giants.

This wide receiver has no plans on ever losing the most important catch of his personal life, however. He recently spoke to an ABC affiliate from Philly about Kendra Wilkinson.

(Not) Having a Baby!

"Kendra has one of the biggest hearts and that's one of the things that really drew me to her," Baskett said of his fiancee.

Hank Baskett has sure hands, both on the field and in the bedroom with fiancee Kendra Wilkinson.

But is there tension between Hank and Hugh Hefner, Wilkinson's long-time boyfriend? Not at all, the NFL star says.

"Hef is like a father to her so he's going to be the one to give her away," Baskett said, giving us creepy visions of what this father must have done to his quasi daughter between the sheets. "That's why I wanted his blessings and her mom's blessing."

Gross, old man sex aside, Baskett seems truly smitten with the former Playmate, adding:

"Ever since I met her this is the happiest I've ever been in my life. And every day she does something else that makes me fall in love with her."

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