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I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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When it comes to going to rehab, Amy Winehouse once crooned that her answer would be "NO! NO! NO!"

Now, according to questionable reports, husband Blake Fielder-Civil has made a rehabbing woman cry "YES! YES! YES!"

Amy and Blake Picture

Gilleen Morris - a single, jobless mother of two - told News of the World that she's six weeks pregnant with a child conceived in rehab with the troubled Fielder-Civil.

"Blake seduced me and we had a secret fling," Morris said. "When I told him I was pregnant he said, 'Oh f***!' But he vowed to stand by me and raise the child... Initially I was planning to have an abortion, but Blake's vow has completely thrown me."

Gilleen Morris, left, claims she's having Blake Fielder-Civil's love child. The story is crazier than Amy Winehouse's hair.

Morris said the pair first got it on during a cigarette break outside the rehab facility. They continued to have unprotected intercourse for many nights after that.

"I never planned for any more children. Our fling was just a bit of fun. I never imagined these consequences," she said, echoing the sad, ignorant statements of far too many women that don't use some form of birth control.

As Blake and Amy go through a bitter divorce, how will Gilleen's condition affect Blake's effort to bank a significant portion of Winehouse's money? That remains to be seen.

Previous reports said Fielder-Civil had planned on using the singer's infidelity against her as part of his case for a large settlement. This news, if true, will simply lead to more bickering between the estranged couple.

We can't wait.

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Months ago, Lucas Till made headlines for possibly dating Miley Cyrus.

That relationship was never confirmed or denied.

Lucas Till Picture

The young actor's status as a new Hollywood heartthrob, however, has been cemented by his starring role opposite Cyrus in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

"A year ago the last thing I thought I'd be doing was this right here," Till, who plays Hannah's love interest Travis Brody, said to People.

The rising star was born in Texas and raised in Georgia. He's appeared on an episode of House and starred as a young Jack Cash in Walk the Line.

How is he handing his new fame?

"It's refreshing going from getting picked on in middle school to getting my name screamed out across the street. But to go to a friend's house and see his little sister with a poster of me on her wall, that's definitely weird."

Click on the following photos of Lucas Till for larger, handsome images of this actor:

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Cassie has gone all Britney Spears, circa February 2007, on fans.

The singer - who may or may not be doing Diddy - shaved off half her hair this week.

"Sometimes in life, you need a change,” Cassie blogged. “Something that displays the 'I don’t give a f—' attitude that was always present, but never showcased. Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of. And something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR."

Cassie Ventura Photo

Do you like Cassie's new look?


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Zanessa may be going strong. But the same can no longer be said for Turillo.

Following a two-year relationship, Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo have broken up.

Back 2 Blonde

"They have not been dating for awhile now," a source told Us Weekly. "They just grew apart, but are remaining friends."

Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo, during happier times.

With Tisdale single, what kind of man will she be looking for?

"Just someone you can be comfortable with," said said in an interview a few months ago. "I mean, I always have to be dressed up all the time for my work so when I'm home I just like to be in sweats and comfortable."

Best of luck to all guys that fit this description!

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We have no idea how, but Zac Efron says he sometimes gets sick of seeing his (very handsome) face.

"I didn't want to be famous," the actor told USA Today. "I get sick of seeing my own face around."

That's refreshing to hear. Can you imagine Miley Cyrus making the same statement?

"I used to get so frustrated. For a while, I felt like I was completely lost in celebrity-land," Efron said. "I didn't know how to handle it. Now I know that I have to plot where I'm going, when I'm going there and where the back entrance is. It's like I'm playing a giant game of tag."

The star's latest plot involves the film 17 Again, which opens on April 17. He says it helps him "shift into adult material."

"I'm definitely not the best actor in the world at this point," he said. "But hopefully, with time and effort and smart decisions, that will change."

What a great attitude. We're not sick of seeing your face, Zac. In fact, here's a photo montage of the grounded stud muffin. Click on each pic to enlarge it...

Black and White Zac

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Looks like Johanna Cox has won two important things over the last year:

  1. The reality show Stylista;
  2. Alec Baldwin's heart.

According to various sources, Cox and the 30 Rock star are an item, as they were spotted together at the recent premiere of his new movie, Lymelife.

"They acted like a couple,” said a witness. “They were holding hands."

Cox is 29 and Baldwin is 51.

Alec Baldwin Image

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Surprisingly, Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan have remained broken up for days now.

Unsurprisingly, the pair is reacting to the relationship's demise in different ways.

Ronson is laying low, as a source close to the DJ told People: "She is over Lindsay and over all the drama, but still, she refuses to trash talk her. She just wants to walk away gracefully."

Lohan, conversely, just wants to walk everywhere drunkenly.

Witnesses spotted the troubled actress at three clubs last night, making her Wednesday activities seem like a day at the park.

Depressed Lindsay

Lindsay started the evening at the Byron and Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, where she exited with considerably redder hair.

Continue Reading...

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At least explains why Larry Birkhead is such a pimp.

The father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, must have known that he'd eventually be taken to court by Debra Opri.

She's the attorney that helped Birkhead acquire custody of his child. And how does he repay her? Well, he doesn't.

After two years of battling Birkhead for her fee, Opri is finally getting her day before a judge. According to sources, the lawyer plans to air "all dirty laundry" during the trial. Over the last few months, she says:

"America no longer sees the fair-haired country boy they once did" in Dannielynn's father, a fact to which we can certainly attest. We just see a man that actually had cameras follow him and his daughter to Anna Nicole's grave.

For shame.

We wonder how much money Larry Birkhead was paid to exploit his daughter on every entertainment news show he could find.

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We already knew that John Mayer was a douchebag.

But might he be a shady, Justin Gaston-like douchebag?

The ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston recently Twittered his affection for 16-year old Demi Lovato. Granted, he was just giving props to her vocal stylings, but we can't help but question the older singer's intentions.

We don't wanna know what John Mayer is fantasizing about in this photo.

"I have ‘La La Land’ by @ddlovato stuck in my head. Actually, it’s not stuck. I’m choosing to sing it. B section is sophisticated. You’re going to make lots of records, I can tell," Mayer wrote.

This led to a couple back-and-forth Tweets between the artists. We've recounted them below:

Lovato: “Holy crap. THANK YOU. You’re so awesome. That is quite possibly the best compliment I’ve received in this business. Thank you so, so much….. !!!!!!”
Mayer: “Write one song at a time, never apologize for any of them, ever. From Wonderland to Trio stuff, they’re all my kids.”
Lovato: “See, That’s exactly what I needed to hear today. Wow. If that’s not inspiration, then I don’t know what is! You’re incredible.”

That's one adjective for Mayer. We could think of a few more.

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Kathy Griffin has risen to fame through her self-created Bravo series, My Life on the D-List.

Based on a recent photo shoot for OK!, however, the comedian might need to star in a new show: My Life on the Hot 48-Year Old List.

Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston

The comic, best known for bashing America's celebrity-obsessed culture, shows off her surprisingly banging bikini body in a series of cute pictures. But don't drool too much, fellas.

“I am more than a golden, tanned sexpot. I am a woman, damn it, with thoughts and feelings!” she jokes to the magazine.

Click on the pics above to enlarge photos of Kathy Griffin in a bikini.

What about those small boobs, Kathy? Are they real?

"My breasts are very real and very floppy. Why have surgery when you could just get a good freaking bra?"

We have no idea. You tell us, Heidi Montag!

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