Hilton Hater

Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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The Kardashian have been viktimized by another set of kriminals.

Just one day about their Miami clothing store was vandalized, the sisters' L.A. boutique, Dash, was also made into a krime scene.

Making it Sort of Official

While the South Beach incident may have been the work of random gangs, this illegal activity was klearly aimed at the Kardashians. The vandals left graffiti on the window that reads "We [Love] You, Kim."

As Khloe Kardashian blogs, though, these bad guys won't have a negative affect on the family or its plans:

I hope the disgusting people who did this know that these little activities of theirs don't discourage us.  We are no less excited for the opening of our Miami store.  Yes, this is DEFINITELY a bump in the road, but it's a small bump in the grand scheme of things.  It's disappointing, but certainly not discouraging!  A little graffiti won't bring us Kardashian women down!!! 

That's true. However, a hefty helping of athletic prowess? That's bound to bring Khloe and Kim down on you.

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Twilight only recently came out on DVD.

New Moon won't hit theaters until November.

No Privacy

There's no release date set for Eclipse.

Still, Robert Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter this week that plans are already underway to bring the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, Breaking Dawn, to the big screen.

The final installment of this franchise - spoiler alert! - focuses on the marriage between Edward and Bella, as well as the latter's pregnancy.

Regarding the film adaptation of New Moon, Pattinson said the movie beefs up his character's role (in the book, after all, Edward is just a voice in Bella's head).

"You're playing a figment in Bella's imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn't translate onscreen as being boring," the actor said.

We're sure female readers can agree: based on gorgeous Robert Pattinson pictures, nothing this star does can be boring.

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Neither Adam Lambert nor Kris Allen choked during last night's American Idol finale. The same cannot be said for Terri Seymour.

(Sorry. Too soon?)

In disturbing news, TMZ reports that Simon Cowell's ex-girlfriend was attacked outside the Nokia Theatre, soon after the audience for Idol cleared out.

Allegedly, Seymour was confronted by Janice Thibodeaux, who allegedly attempted to choke the TV reporter after asking if she and Cowell were a couple. (They broke up in October.)

Terri refused medical treatment and was escorted out of the complex by a trio of police officers.

Thibodeaux was arrested on felony battery charges and is being held on $52,700 bail. We're glad Seymour is okay.

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While Lost viewers continue to debate the identity of the smoke monster, there's no such mystery surrounding Hollywood's most monstrous matriarch.

According to one popular celebrity gossip tabloid, it's Kate Gosselin.

The latest issue of Us Weekly goes to great lengths to explain why this reality star is pretty much the worst mother on the planet. According to traitorous nurse Angela Krall, who gladly accepted lots of cash for turning on her former employer, Kate...

  • ... has spent 21 of the last 30 days on the road at various speaking engagements;
  • ... fired 40 employees in three months;
  • ... chose to remain at a restaurant during her son's trip to the emergency room;
  • ... and is obsessed with money and fame.
Mom to Monster!

Kate's brother, meanwhile, has gone public with a marriage contract she and her husband have supposedly agreed to.

Do we automatically believe these allegations? No. But it doesn't speak very well for Kate Gosseln that so many people close to her are willing to sell her out to the tabloids, does it?

The fifth season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 premieres on May 25. Watch a promo for what's sure to be an interesting season right now.

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As a successful Formula One racecar driver, Lewis Hamilton is known for his speed.

But girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger doesn't think her longtime boyfriend is acting quickly enough in one phase of his life. The singer wants to get hitched already!

Check Out My Bra!

“Would I get married? For sure and, yeah, the [Pussycat Dolls] can be the bridesmaids. But I have to get engaged first," Scherzinger told Hello magazine, even offering her beau a not-so-subtle proposal time frame: "Late July is looking good."

If Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton get married, we wish them the best of luck. But, please you two, take Bristol Palin's advice and DON'T HAVE SEX!

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One is a talentless actress that has somehow landed a role on this fall's Melrose Place remake.

The other is a useless reality star only famous because she spends lots of money on material items.

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

In other words, Ashlee Simpson and Bethenny Frankel have a similar impact on both society and the celebrity gossip world. They also have similar tastes in fashion.

Mrs. Pete Wenz attended an April party in New York City in the following Phillip Lim dress, while the Real Housewives of New York City star celebrated a Modern Bride event this past week in the same black ruffle-trimmed outfit.

Who looks better in it?


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Two finalists. Three songs each. One final night of performances.

American Idol will crown its eighth champion tonight. But, first, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen each had a few chances to leave viewers with a winning impression. Let's review each finalist's renditions from last night...

ROUND ONE: We start with the contestant's choice, as both Lambert and Allen brought back classics from earlier this season.

Lambert chose the Tears for Fears song "Mad World," making a fog-filled entrance and donning a long, black overcoat. Once again, the performance showcased this singer's sultry voice and unparalleled range. It earned an "A-plus for Adam" from Randy.

Allen, meanwhile, played to his strength. Seated behind a piano, he went with "Ain't No Sunshine." Simon appeared to favor this routine over that of Lambert, while Kara gushed over how well Kris connected with the audience.
EDGE: Even.

His Mad World

Which opening performance did you prefer on the American Idol finale?

ROUND TWO: Time for American Idol creator Simon Fuller to play a role. He chose the songs for this round.

Kara wasn't shy about deeming Lambert's rendition of Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" as his best performance of the season. We wouldn't go that far, but the crooner held himself back from changing the arrangement too much, or overly relying on his patented screams. A great showcase for his versatility.

Here's where Kris lost ground to Adam. Strumming his guitar to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," Allen didn't put on a finale-worthy performance. We agreed with Simon and Randy assessment: it was fine and all, but not memorable enough, given the circumstances.
EDGE: Lambert.

Which round two performance did you prefer on the American Idol finale?

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Shawn Johnson won four medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

So, where does the season eight title on Dancing with the Stars rank on her resume of achievements? Very high, apparently.

"I've loved every second of it," the 17-year-old champ said backstage before she hoisted the disco ball trophy. ""This has been the best experience ever. I've grown so much."

Dancing Celebration

According to host Tom Bergeron "less than 1 percent" separated Johnson from fellow finalist Gilles Marini at the end (Melissa Rycroft was voted out first last night and finished in third place).

"This has been, without a doubt the best season ever," said head judge Len Goodman. "We've got the three best dancers here in the final."

All three finalists performed one last dance - and all three earned a perfect score of 30 from the judges. In the end, though, like any winning gymnast, Johnson vaulted past her competition for the title.

Click on the photos below to relive Shawn and Marks journey on Dancing with the Stars:

  • Mark Ballas, Shawn Johnson Pic
  • Riding Her Partner
  • Semifinal Performance
  • Very Cute Couple

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Celebrity gossip magazines will go to the far ends of the globe for a story. Or at least to Russia.

Earlier this week, People tracked down the mother of Oksana Grigorieva and grilled her about rumors that her daughter contributed to the break-up of Mel Gibson's divorce.

In Attack Mode!

"He split up with his wife three years ago, so to suggest that she has broken up their marriage is rubbish," Lyudmila Chernukha said. "He was no longer with his wife so he was bound to meet some woman at some point, it just happened to be Oksana."

Pssst, honey: your sperm is a lethal weapon!

As for whether or not Grigorieva is knocked up with the actor's love child, Lyudmila pretty much confirmed it.

"I can't say anything. Wait for the official statement from them."

Hey, when it comes to infidelity, divorce and children out of wedlock, it's not his public to whom Gibson must come clean. It's his Catholic God.

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When Olivia Wilde was named the world's most beautiful woman by Maxim, we had our doubts.

After all, we've seen Marisa Miller pictures. We've spent hours drooling over Megan Fox photos. We've had to have Brooklyn Decker images surgically removed from our hands.

Wilde is very pretty and all, but the world is a big place. It seemed like an undeserved honor.

Our overall opinion hasn't changed, but this photo spread of the House star definitely helps her cause. No offense, Shawn Johnson. But you're no longer the cutest gymnast on TV...

  • Gorgeous Gymnast
  • Reaching for the Stars
  • A Sexy Stretch
  • Olivia Wilde, GQ
  • Gone Wilde
  • GQ Image

Click on the Olivia Wilde photos above to enlarge, and truly appreciate, this beauty.

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