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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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With every little step he takes, Bobby Brown knocks up another girlfriend.

This time, the honor fell to Alicia Etheridge, who gave birth to Brown's fifth child a few days ago.

"I just had a little baby boy!" Brown said during a performance at the Rok nightclub in the New York New York Hotel last night. "His name is Cassius... he was born four days ago."

Brown broke up with Whitney Houston in 2006. They have one daughter, 15-year-old Bobbi Kristina.

Meanwhile, the singer's prerogative has been to impregnante other females, as well. He has three children from previous relationships: Landon, LaPrincia and Bobby Jr.

Anyone out there wanna purchase a box of condoms for Bobby?

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Best known for his role in both volumes of Kill Bill, along with the 1970s TV show Kung Fu, David Carradine was found dead this morning. The actor, 72, was filming a movie in Thailand.

According to Thai police, who spoke with the BBC, the veteran star was found by a hotel maid, as Carradine was reportedly sitting in a wardrobe with a rope around his neck and body.

Reports out of that country are stating that Carradine "hanged in his luxury hotel room and is believed to have committed suicide."

Movie producer Chuck Binder told Fox News the death is "shocking and sad. He was full of life, always wanting to work... a great person."

** UPDATE: Carradine's rep said the death was "accidental."

"We can confirm 100% that he never would have committed suicide. It was an accidental death. Everybody is in shock," the rep said.

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Rebellious. Controversial. Iconic.


Slim Shady Security

Of all the terms used to describe Eminem, rarely would one resort to anything that depicted the rapper as having a sense of humor. But that's all changed, now that Eminem has owned up to his role in the buzzed-about stunt between himself and Bruno at this year's MTV Movie Awards.

"I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it," the artist told RapRadar.com "It had so many people going nuts, so to speak. Everyone was blowing me up about it."

In case 8 Mile wasn't evidence enough, Eminem showed the world his acting skills at the MTV Movie Awards.

How did the stunt come about?

"Sacha called me when we were in Europe and he had an idea to do something outrageous at the Movie Awards. I'm a big fan of his work so I agreed to get involved with the gag."

While viewers were wondering about the legitimacy of Bruno's bare-assed attack, Eminem says he was laughing over it.

"After the ceremony I went back to my hotel and laughed uncontrollably for about three hours. Especially after I saw it on air."

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Step off, Justin Gaston. You and your rock-hard abs may soon be taking a backseat to a new man in Miley Cyrus' life.

Let's meet Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor that will appear alongside Cyrus in The Last Song, a movie specifically written for her by author Nicholas Sparks.

When asked about her scarcely-known costar, Miley told E! News:

"I got a hot boy. I can't say that too many times, but he is attractive. Not bad to look at for the summer."

Miley Cyrus gets to kiss Liam Hemsworth on screen, and Justin Gaston off screen. She lives a tough life.

Hemsworth and Cyrus will soon head to Savannah to shoot film, in which Cyrus portrays a rebellious teen sent to live with her estranged dad and Liam takes on the role of her love interest.

Just how steamy does it get between their characters? Will any tonsil hockey be played?

"Maybe," Miley told Marc Malkin. "I don't know."

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Tough break for Danielle Staub.

She lands a role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, only for her past to suddenly be dug up and her former life of drugs, sex and kidnapping to be exposed in front of a national audience. What unfortunate timing!

Danielle Staub Naked

Now, days after Bravo aired an episode that focused on Staub's shady past as a stripper named "Beverly Merrill," the author of Cop Without a Badge, the book that started it all, is speaking out.

From knife-wielding and cocaine-snorting to reality TV, it's been quite a journey for Danielle Staub.

According to Kevin Maher, an ex-con turned police informant, Danielle lived as an escort, stripper and drug addict in the 1980s; she was also arrested on felony kidnapping and extortion charges by the FBI.

“She’s very smart, and when she wants something, she’s one of the most determined women in the world,” Maher told Star Magazine. “But she’s also a pathological liar. I believe she’s been psychologically scarred since childhood, and when you live that kind of life, you have to be a liar.”

Now a private investigator, Maher says he and Staub met at a party in Miami and proceeded to have sex in a bathroom. But the relationship didn't last because she once slashed his arm with a knife and continually cheated on him.

Then again, he can't really blame her for the latter incidents. After all, Maher labels his ex as a"raging nymphomaniac."

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To anyone that saw her as Lara Croft, this should come as no surprise.

According to its annual Celebrity 100 List, Forbes has named Angelina Jolie the most powerful celebrity in the world.

The actress, who earned $27 million in 2008, knocked Oprah Winfrey out of the top spot, which the talk show host had held for two consecutive years.

Pitt came in at number-nine, while a couple of tweens can now Tweet to their fans about their powerful status: Miley Cyrus (number-29) and Taylor Swift (number-69).

Following Jolie, here's a look at the complete top 10:

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Madonna
  • Beyoncé Knowles
  • Tiger Woods
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Brad Pitt
  • Kobe Bryant

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Poor Tila Tequila.

She wants so badly to be the next Kim Kardashian or Spencer Pratt, celebrities that have mastered the art of garnering attention for themselves without actually doing anything noteworthy.

Suddenly Shy

But Tila can't figure out how. Therefore, she resorts to straight up lying. First, she says her and Ray J are totally in love. Next, she Tweets that she's pregnant.

While we can't confirm the falsity of the relationship with everyone's favorite amateur porn director, the bikini photos below prove that Tequila is far from knocked up. They were taken during a recent trip to Granada, Nicaragua...

Click on the images above to enlarge each one, and search for more at Tila's official website.

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Kate Gosselin might have a new tummy that helps contribute to a new bikini body... but a former flame says her allegedly unfaithful ways are old news.

In an interview with Star Magazine, Adam Miller claims to be Gosselin's ex-fiance. He says the pair was engaged prior to Kate meeting Jon Gosselin.

So, what went wrong? She cheated on him at her 21st birthday party. Ouch.

“She hooked up with some guy in a Corvette,” Miller, a factory worker, told the tabloid. “She was always chasing the money.”

A Cheater!

At this rate, Kate Gosselin may cover more magazines that Brangelina and Britney Spears combined!

This special source added that he and Kate met in 1995 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania; despite not holding a steady job at the time, Miller says he felt pressure to keep his new girlfriend happy - and the way to her heart was through his wallet. 

“I spoiled Kate with gifts, like a diamond bracelet and a gold locket, and she loved that. I think one of the main reasons she liked me is that I had so much money flowing.”

Soon enough, of course, Gosselin discovered the true path to riches: give birth to an abnormal number of children and let a television network shower you with a salary and presents!

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Megan Fox has finally accepted her status as a sex symbol.

In an interview this week, the breathtaking actress said "it's wonderful" to have every male in America drooling over her photos.

Got that, fellas? You don't need to feel guilty about it anymore!

With that in mind, get ready to do some major ogling! More pictures of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress, courtesy of her recently spread in British GQ, have been released.

Go ahead. Click on each to enlarge and prepare to stare away. She wants you to...

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  • Classy in GQ
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