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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Hasn't Nick Lachey been through enough?!?

The sultry singer - who always came across as a very nice, down-to-earth guy on the original reality relationship show, Newlyweds - was likely cheated on by Jessica Simpson. He also had to endure life with Crazy Joe Simpson as a father-in-law.

Now, a new report in The New York Post says long-time girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo is following Jessica's immoral lead.

Witnesses claim Minnillo was spotted at the SLS hotel in Los Angeles this week, "hanging out in a private cabana all night" with 90210 star Matt Lanter.

"Vanessa definitely wasn't with Nick. She sat on Matt's lap and really close to him for two hours at the party. He looks like a younger version of Nick," the source told the quasi-reliable newspaper.

Lanter and Minnillo appeared together in the 2008 comedy Disaster Movie.

Might this dalliance spell disaster for Vanessa and Nick as a couple?!?

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In 2000, Ellen DeGeneres was involved in a very public break-up with Anne Heche, the circumstances of which dominated entertainment news headlines for weeks.

Therefore, the talk show host can actually relate to her guest on today's show, Lindsay Lohan.

During the taped interview between the pair earlier this week, Lindsay didn't hold anything back when it came to her relationship with Samantha Ronson. A few excerpts:

On the break-up: I had no idea what was going on. I just hadn't seen her in, like, a week. She, like, disappeared.

On fidelity: I don't believe in cheating on someone.

On bouncing back: You know when people are together so much it gets really difficult and you forget who you are because you're more concerned about being with the other person,. I think it's been really good for me. I thought it would be so much harder and it hasn't been. My sister's been here with me.

On reconciliation with Ronson: I really care about Samantha and we'll see what happens. Maybe when we're fully in the right place. And I love her.

As she tries to move on from Samantha Ronson, rumors say Lindsay Lohan is having bathroom sex with British club manager Chris Jepson.


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And then there were five.

American Idol is coming down the home stretch of season eight, as it eliminated two more contestants last night (due to last week's save of Matt Giraud by the judges).

The first finalist to go was Lil Rounds, a frequent occupier of a spot in the bottom three. She was comforted by kind words from Ryan Seacrest.

“We need someone like you in this competition,” he said of her drive, adding that Rounds was “one of the most courageous contestants.”

Next, Anoop Desai got the boot. A fan favorite, the crooner lacked the vocal chops to go any farther in the competition.

Lil Rounds Performance Pic

Did America make the right choice by saying goodbye to Anoop and Lil?

Last season's runner-up, David Archuleta, also performed on the results show. He sang “Touch My Hand,” and said the following to Desai and Rounds: “It’s amazing to see where you can go after this."

What a nice fella.

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We aren't even gonna call the fashion police on Mischa Barton for the following accessory.

We're just gonna make a citizen's arrest and send the thin actress straight to jail.

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

In the following photograph, it looks like a bird carcass dropped from the sky and landed on Barton's head.

The only thing distracting our staff from the ridiculous hat is the equally ridiculous-looking dude with his arm around Mischa. Is this her new boyfriend, British comedian Noel Fielding?

If so, it begs the question below...

Which is uglier: Mischa Barton's hat or her boyfriend?


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On American Idol, Kara DioGuardi critiques contestants such as Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

But in a new interview with Extra, the judge turns the spotlight on herself.

"I've never spoken about this," she said. "I had kind of a binge eating disorder where, instead of dealing with my emotions, I would stuff them down with food... I never threw up or starved myself. It was an eating disorder. I actually went into a treatment center for it... I would get up and eat in the middle of the night."

We're not entirely sure if late-night snacking qualifies as an eating disorder, but we aren't experts on the topic.

DioGuardi explained that her food issues were based on insecurity as a child, as she "was a creative kid who didn't know she was creative."

After she moved to Los Angeles to become a songwriter, Kara grew healthier.

"The moment I started doing music, the moment I did what I loved to do in my life and committed to it, I didn't have those problems anymore. I have my outlet. I have that form of expression. I can go to the studio and talk about my feelings."

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Might former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and current American Idol judge Randy Jackson have shared a night of passion at the Beverly Wilshire hotel?!?

According to a new reports in Us Weekly, the answer is, astonishingly, YES; though said passion might have been based around a common interest in music, not one another's naked bodies.

Allow us to explain:

When Rice, a classically trained pianist, was in Los Angeles for her March 24 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, she asked to meet Jackson for a private conversation at the aforementioned, fancy hotel.

Sources say the music producer "was sort of mystified" at the request, but you don't say no to a one-time secretary of state that may or may not have authorized the extensive use of torture.

"She's a longtime admirer of Randy and enjoyed the opportunity to meet him in person and talk about their common passion for music," Rice's spokesman told the tabloid, while an insider said she found the judge "to be absolutely intriguing."

Does this mean more took place between Rice and Jackson than just a friendly chat? We don't know.

But the Beverly Wilshire is the hotel where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts' characters fell in love during Pretty Woman? Just sayin.

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According to rumors, Chris Jepson represents the official return to semen for Lindsay Lohan.

Sources have told Life & Style that Lohan met the random British dude at a recent L.A. house party.

“His name is Chris Jepson, and he’s British,” an insider said. “Lindsay’s mom, Dina, has even met him. He seems like a good guy. Lindsay’s family is very happy she’s moved on from Samantha Ronson.”

Old Lohan

At the gathering, Lohan reportedly "took Chris' hand and disappeared into the bathroom with him for 45 minutes. People were knocking on the door, but she wouldn't come out."

Give the girl a break, people! It's gonna take her awhile to remember how a penis works.

Jepson works as a manager at Bungalow 8 in London.

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As loyal Twilight fans know, Robert Pattinson is gorgeous!

Also, the Wolf Pack plays a vital role in the film's sequel, New Moon, which hits theaters in November.

A quartet of actors (all with Native American heritage) comprise this group in the upcoming movie: Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Bronson Pelletier.

They join Taylor Lautner - who reprises his role of Jacob Black in the follow-up - as Jacob growing closer to a distraught Bella (Kristen Stewart) after her vampire boy toy, Edward (Pattinson), runs off.

Thanks to USA Today, we present a look at the Wolf Pack... shirtless!

Due to the presence of these werewolves, Robert Pattinson may not be the sexiest star in New Moon.

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Forget her stance on gay marriage.

Carrie Prejean is truly about to become a celebrity gossip favorite now.

A relative has confirmed that the controversial Miss California has been dating Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, off and on, for the last few weeks.

Rumors began to swirl during an interview Prejean gave to Access Hollywood last week. Asked about her relationship with Phelps, Carrie told Billy Bush: “He is a great man. Wouldn't you like to know, Billy? We can talk about that a different day.”

Hmmm, what happened to the honest and forthright Miss California?

Carrie Prejean: Anti-gay marriage, pro-great abs.

Fortunately, Prejean's grandma, Jeannette Coppolla, has opened up to Radar Online about the relationship.

"Carrie and Michael have been out to baseball games and lunch. He always calls her when he is in town and they go out.... Carrie knows that he has dated a lot of girls [such as Caroline Pal], but she enjoys going out with him and isn't serious about being in a relationship with him. He's a nice guy and she likes him."

In other words: Carrie Prejean is Michael Phelps' booty call when he's in town.

What does the Bible say about that?

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Jennifer Love Hewitt has opened up about her break-up with with former fiance Ross McCall.

"Breakups are awful. They're really painful," the gorgeous actress said. "They really hurt. They really suck on lots of levels, but what I think is great about life is that the universe always brings you something really beautiful and great afterward - and that's kind of where I am now."

Minka Kelly Emmys Dress

Hewitt is referring to her vomitous relationship with Jamie Kennedy.

In other news related to the hot ghost whisperer, JLH and Rumer Willis have been spotted, on separate occasions over the last few weeks, wearing the same Camilla and Marc dress.

Who looks better in it?