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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Between hosting a radio show, hosting American Idol and flirting with Simon Cowell, it's a wonder Ryan Seacrest has any time to date.

However, new reports have linked the hard-worker with Los Angeles bartender Jasmine Waltz.

Seacrest met Waltz during a night out at Guy's, a West Hollywood lounge. She's an aspiring actress that has worked at other L.A. clubs, such Les Deux, and enjoyed an uncredited role in Bad Boys II.

"They've been together for a few months now," a source told People.

Seacrest and Waltz spent a weekend in Paris last week, where numerous witnesses reported a heavy amount of PDA between the couple.

The American Idol host has been linked previously to singer Sophie Monk, Amazing Race star Shana Wall and actress Teri Hatcher.

Jasmine Waltz Image

Click on the Jasmine Waltz pics above for larger images of Ryan Seacrest's new squeeze.

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As part of his promotion for 17 Again, Zac Efron answered a series of fan questions, submitted to People, this week.

Among the topics covered by the actors were his typical workouts, his dreams as a kid and his nightlife preferences. Here are a few excerpts from the Q&A:

On his workout routine: I like backpacking, hiking, surfing, swimming, playing tennis – things that get you active and are also fun. If I do go to the gym I usually do circuit training.

On professional as a child: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional baseball player, or an astronaut, or be in the X Games. I thought Tony Hawk was the coolest guy alive.

On releasing an album: I'm not going to pretend that I'm a music prodigy. I would want an album to come from me, not from writers or other producers. I definitely don't possess those skills and right now. I just don't have the time.

On avoiding clubs: I'm not really into partying. Don't get me wrong – I've gone to a club. But I'd much rather be with my close friends at home or a concert, or on a trip. I'll go dancing with my grandma. She likes to cut a rug!

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Over a year ago, rumors circulated around the Internet that Hope Dworaczyk was knocked up with Jason Kidd's child.

Considering the lack of news about a baby, as well as Dworaczyk's svelte figure in the photos below, it's likely this story was false.

Still, the part about Hope having dated the NBA star was spot on. How do we know?

Because the model is wearing nothing but a body painted Kidd jersey in her pictorial for the latest issue of Playboy. Check out the hot pics after this article's jump...

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We don't know why Paris Hilton is filming a second season of the reality show that features her search for a new BFF.

It's clear the attention-starved heiress already has one: former boyfriend, and perpetual celebrity gossip favorite, Stavros Niarchos.

A source told Great Britain's The Daily Mail that Paris is still in very much in touch with her Greek shipping heir ex-boy toy.

"Paris and Stavros are still good friends and speak on the phone quite a bit," said the insider. "Doug knows they are close, but not how often they speak."

The anonymous mole added that Doug Reinhardt has purchased an engagement ring and Hilton "seems intent on marrying him." Will this new information affect the proposal?

And does anyone care either way?!?

A kiss goodbye? Will Paris Hilton's friendship with her womanizing ex-boyfriend affect her future with Doug Reinhart?

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A Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag sex tape seems inevitable.

When it arrives, for a refreshing change, the stars are unlikely to even pretend as though it was leaked by accident. With that in mind, consider the following photos to be a preview.

The attention-loving couple couldn't simply shop in an L.A. furniture store last week.

Clearly, they needed to make the outing an event witnessed by the paparazzi. Likely paid handsomely for their poses, Spencer and Heidi preened and postured in bed...

Click on the (nauseating) photos of Spencer and Heidi to enlarge these images.

Might these pics hurt Pratt's political ambitions?

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Over the last several days, Republicans have been engaging in anti-tax tea-bagging parties, meant to demonstrate their displeasure with Barack Obama daring to do away with George W. Bush's tax code.

We won't mock the lunacy of these gatherings. Instead, we'll focus on the fodder such "tea-bagging" shindigs have provided for late-night talk show hosts and news anchors.

Anderson Cooper joined the fun on Tuesday.

At the end of a conversation with David Gergen, the director of the Center for Public Leadership, the political operative said the Republican party is in a position of weakness and is "'searching for their voice."

How could Cooper ignore such a set-up? He replied: "It's hard to talk when you're tea-bagging."

Watch the video below and then vote in our poll:

Was Anderson Cooper's tea-bagging joke out of line?


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Move over, Adam Lambert!

You're no longer the most buzzed-about aspiring singer on the Internet.

Susan Boyle, a 47-year old contestant on Britain's Got Talent, elicited a reaction from Simon Cowell last week that we didn't think was possible: total and utter shock.

The Scotland native wowed everyone in attendance at her audition, and she's continued to impress Web viewers that have come across her performance on YouTube. It's received over 12 million hits.

Watch it now. React to it in our Comments section.

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Our heart goes out to Katie Holmes, following today's tragic family news.

The actress' brother-in-law has passed away.

Joseph Jeffrey Fretti - the 48-year-old husband of Holmes' older sister Tamera - died of heart failure Sunday.

Reportedly, Fretti was found dead by a family friend. His body was discovered in the Sarasota home of his mom, as he had taken his two young kids to visit their 76-year-old grandmother.

Fretti was the owner of a funeral home in Holmes' hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

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Celebrity gossip outlets have judged Mel Gibson harshly over the years.

It's hard not to when the actor drove drunk, insulted Jewish people and referred to a police officer as "sugar tits."


But might the Internet be too swept up in the admission of Oksana Pochepa - pictured, a 24-year old Russian singer who says she's been carrying on a relationship with the actor - to consider one important fact:

Gibson and wife Robyn have been separated for almost three years. While divorce proceedings just got underway this week, the marriage has been over for a long time.

Does this get the Oscar-winner off the hook for banging a pop star that's younger than his daughter? Perhaps Gibson, a dedicated Catholic, figures he was already headed to Hell for his impending divorce... so why not get some young nookie in the meantime?

You tell us! Weigh in now: Was Mel Gibson wrong for sleeping with Oksana Pochepa?