Hilton Hater

Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

Look at certin Nicole Richie pictures and prepare to be frightened. Proof of alien invasion has never been so strong.

But show Kate Winslet these photos - along with others of "size zero" models and actresses - and see how truly "unbelievably disturbing" she finds them. The star of The Holiday said she keeps magazines with such pictures out of the house, where they could be seen by her 6-year-old daughter, Mia.

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Santa Claus has a lot to deal with during the holiday season: stressed out elves, a neglected wife, washed up, desperate actresses that will write or sell anything for attention and money.

We can only imagine the strain of this fake smile on Saint Nick, as he entertains Tori Spelling and listens to her wish list of cash, fame and love.

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  We make fun of Ben Affleck a lot. The guy just isn't the best actor on the planet and supports the Boston Red Sox in an annoying fashion.

The more he talks about his family, however, the more Affleck appears less and less like an attention-starved star who dared to put us through Pearl Harbor.

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The initial reaction of Eva Longoria, upon her engagement? Shock.

"I was heading home from a long day on the (Desperate Housewives) set," the actress told People magazine. He had been playing in Utah, so I was just shocked to see him in L.A. I thought it was so weird, sort of, 'Why are you here? What's going on? Oh my God! It's happening!' "

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"Say what you will about me, and I'm not passing judgment, but when I had my daughter, I stayed home with her almost every night for the first year of her life." - Courtney Love (pictured, with daughter Frances Bean Cobain), on Britney Spears' recent partying

"I did this TV show so I wouldn't have to do sh-tty parts in sh-tty movies, so I'm not going to start now. I'm not that desperate." - Ellen Pompeo, on why she signed on for Grey's Anatomy

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