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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Warning: the following photo montage is not safe for work.

Or home.

Or really any place without a trash receptacle nearby.

As the featured attraction at the Richie Rich fashion show in New York City yesterday, Pamela Anderson walked the runway and made those of us who ordered her Tommy Lee sex tape in high school feel downright silly.

We paid $10.99 back then to stare at this?!?

Catwalk Horror

Let's just hope - nay, pray! - that Pamela wears more layers on Dancing with the Stars this season. She's a rumored participant. Vegas has set the odds of Anderson's wardrobe malfunctioning on the air at 3:1. We wouln't wager against it.

To see how one is supposed to saunter down a catwalk, we direct your attention to Kim Kardashian.

To make yourself nauseous by looking at a scantily-clad has-been that doesn't know when to cover herself up, click on the images below.

  • Pamela
  • Awful Anderson
  • Please Retire

[Photos: Splash News]

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Their nickname would have just rolled off the tongue: Jiley.

They could have gone on tour together, trading off opening acts at each stop, joining each other on stage for duets that would have left the crowd in tears of joy.

Alas, there will be no coupling up between the two hottest singers under the age of 18 because Justin Bieber was asked by radio station Z100 about Miley Cyrus this week and responded:

"Nooooooo, not my type."

We always knew we liked this Bieber guy!

Miley and Puppy

Justin didn't elaborate on why he would never date Miley, but we'd cite her horrible acting or atrocious wardrobe as the leading factors.

Fortunately, Cyrus doesn't need Bieber. She has Liam Hemsworth to pretend to date in order to publicize their upcoming movie together before going their separate ways go home to.

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Congratulations are in order for Andrew Garcia and Todrick Hall. They have each advanced to the semifinals on season nine of American Idol.

Along with 22 other aspiring stars, these crooners will compete for viewer votes next week on the show, as performances go live and phone lines open up for all contestants.

With such an intense competition set to begin, it's time to prepare Garcia and Hall by pitting them against one another in a showdown of hopeful semifinalists.

Andrew is considered the early favorite by many, following an incredible acoustic version of the Paula Abdul classic "Straight Up." But Todrick possesses an impressive resume for an amateur, having appeared in a Broadway production of The Color Purple.

Two men. One dream. Cast your vote below.

  • A Semifinalist
  • Hall, Todrick

Which singer will advance farther on American Idol?


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Why simply dream about Robert Pattinson when you could snuggle up to this hunk of an actor every night?

That's what etsy.com hopes Twilight Saga fans are asking themselves, as the website is offering insane dedicated followers a Robert Pattinson "Manllow" (half man, half pillow) for the reasonable price of $15.

Lucky Bike

It bills the product with the following description:

For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one.

Unfortunately, the bedmate is currently sold out. But keeping checking etsy.com in the coming days to see when it restocks the item and gives fans a chance to make like Kristen Stewart...

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Kellan Lutz has every reason to be proud of his body. Seriously, look at that thing.

But the actor admits he was a bit hesitant to bare almost everything for a recent Calvin Klein underwear campaign. The reason?

"Now my nude ass is going to be all over billboards, we'll see what my mother thinks," he joked to Us Weekly about the shoot.

Not only is it true that the Twilight Saga star appears nearly naked (alongside True Blood star Mehcad Brooks, Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco and Japanese athlete Hidetoshi Nakata) in the ads... but they'll be officially released in 3D on March 1.

While he might be a bit embarrassed at the next family function, Lutz is the perfect shill for Calvin Klein. Again, just look at the guy's body. And now listen to him talk about the garments.

"You know I've done other fittings where you have to wear underwear and you're kind of uncomfortable because they look funny or it doesn't fit well. That's the difference with Calvin Klein. They fit great, they're snug and they hold everything in and you look good," he said.

Point taken, but let's be real: Kellan would look good in a Snuggie.

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American Idol rounded out its top 24 last night, which was great news for two dozen aspiring singers - but bad news for Chris Golightly.

One of the first names to get leaked as a season nine semifinalist, Golightly was disqualified at the last minute due to a contract he had signed with a boy band. There's controversy brewing over whether it's still valid, but Ryan Seacrest Tweeted last night:

“Been determined that Chris Golightly is ineligible to continue on IDOL, contestant Tim Urban has replaced Golightly as part of the Top 24″

Top 24 Photo

In addition to the seven singers that advanced through Hollywood on Tuesday night, the following crooners still have their American Idol dreams alive:

• Janell Wheeler
• Tyler Grady
• Lacey Brown
• Ashley Rodriguez
• Alex Lambert
Joe Munoz
• Tim Urban
Crystal Bowersox
• Katie Stevens
Paige Miles
• Siobhan Magnus
• Michelle Delamor
• Jermaine Sellers
John Park
Lilly Scott
• Andrew Garcia


  • Didi
  • Crystal Bowersox Photo
  • Lacey Brown Photo
  • Michelle Delamor Photo
  • Katelyn Epperly Photo
  • Andrew Garcia Audition Photo
  • Tyler Grady Pic
  • Todrick Hall Pic
  • Casey James Photograph
  • Aaron Kelly Photo
  • Alex Lambert Photo
  • Michael Lynche Photo
  • Siobhan Magnus Photo
  • Paige Miles Pic
  • Joe Munoz Picture
  • John Park Photo
  • Ashley Rodriguez Pic
  • Lilly Scott Image
  • Jermaine Sellers on Idol
  • Katie Stevens Pic
  • Haeley Vaughn Photo
  • Janell Wheeler Image

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She had a great run while she lasted, didn't she?

But we're sad to report that Tila Tequila has called it a career.

The professional attention hog announced her retirement today, hanging up her fake breasts in an interview with Radar Online:

“With so much going on in my life right now and being pregnant, I’m retiring from being a star in Hollywood,” she said.  “Yes, I have seriously retired.”

The Tweeting maniac goes out on top of her sport.

She holds the record for Most Games Played with the Press and it's hard to see any topless model ever exploiting the death of a loved one in the way Tila has taken advantage of Casey Johnson's passing.

What will Tequila do with her newfound free time? Concoct more stories via Twitter, update her celebrity gossip blog and continue to lie about being pregnant.

“I never said I had a miscarriage,” Tila said, referring to her most recently contrived tale of woe.  “I wasn’t feeling good and having stomach pains, but I didn’t have a miscarriage.”

That's true. In order to be have a miscarriage, one must be pregnant - and there's proof below that Tila was never knocked up.

Continue Reading...

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As we write this article, Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of winning the Gold Medal in Women's Downhill. It will be the skier's first-ever Olympic title.

Congratulations are very much in order for Vonn, but she'd have been a winner in the eyes of men across the nation regardless of how she fared this week on the slopes.

That's because Vonn and teammate Hannah Teter posed seductively in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, bravely eschewing shirts despite the cold temperatures around them. Talk about Gold Medal winning form!

Topless in the Cold

Vonn was also featured on the cover of that magazine's Olympic prevew, which created quite a stir for the way it depicted her backside.

You can go vote now on whether or not the cover photo is sexist, but there's no denying the classification of the pictures below: they are nothing but SEXY!

  • SI Sex Pot
  • Lindsey Vonn Photo
  • Ugly Bathing Suit
  • Vonn, Lindsey
  • Sports Illustrated Photo
  • Winter Hottie
  • The Talented and the Beautiful

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Shocking news out of the tabloid world today: Scott Disick, the unemployed bum that is only known for knocking up Kourtney Kardashian, is a bad boyfriend.

With rumors of his infidelity floating around the blogosphere, a friend told In Touch Weekly that “Kourtney resents Scott for his behavior. They fight about almost everything whenever the script calls for it they’re together."

Of course, Scott is the father of Mason Dash, so Kourtney is stuck with the "boyfriend from Hell" forever, as the same tabloid touts on its latest cover:

According to this cover story, Scott Disick is a "serial cheater" and.. wait, Jake Pavelka is gay?!?

Despite being referred to as "maternal" by Khloe Kardashian a few months ago, witnesses close to the couple report otherwise.

“From what I’ve seen, Scott doesn’t really hold the baby,” a totally real source said. “When Kourtney has needed help, she has had to ask, and Scott appeared to give her crap about it. He acts like it is a huge hassle if he has to do anything like put down his phone to hold the baby.”

Insiders also say Disick often refers to Kourtney as "fat" and is "not attracted to her because she’s fatter than she was when they were dating.”

How will all this play out? No doubt E! writers are locked in a room at this very moment, trying to figure it out.

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A day after famously telling an audience member to get off her cell phone during a concert, Adam Lambert spoke to E! News.

The singer didn't feel like reliving the incident - which has mostly earned him props from those that admire his boldness and hate on cell phone abusers - but he did touch on a number of other topics. To wit:

From Idol to Superstar

His favorite artists right now: "Ke$ha's CD is really fantastic for getting ready. Always Goldfrapp. Always, always, always. Mike Snow is a great album to get ready to."

His most-used hair products: "Oh man, I've lost count. And I got really overwhelmed, too, because it's cold and it's hot and it's dry. I'm like oh, moisturizer! Oh hairspray! Just hairspray is my friend in general, especially in this weather."

A sexy celebrity: "Anna Kendrick."

For someone that likes men, he sure has good taste in women. The Twilight Saga and Up in the Air star is an absolute cutie.

Lambert added that he has no plans to go on tour and hasn't watched any of American Idol this season yet.

That's too bad because semifinalist Todrick Hall appears to have some of Adam's unique style in him, as evidenced by his take on "I'm Yours" in Hollywood at least. He still have a VERY long way to go until he's in Lambert's league, of course.

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