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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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Ouch, Robert Pattinson. Ouch.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly for its upcoming Eclipse cover story, the gorgeous actor was asked about Kristen Stewart's comments last month, where she compared the paparazzi to rapists.

While Kristen herself saw the error in her word choice and maturely apologized for it, Rob stood up for his rumored girlfriend and pointed the finger at, well... us.

"That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate," he said "All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone... there are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs."

Don't worry, Kristen. Rob has your back.

Pattinson may have a decent point overall, but this wasn't the ideal topic to express it over.

Stewart clearly over-stepped with her reference to "rape" and can often come across as ungrateful for her lot in life. But she dealt with that issue herself in the aforementioned apology and this doesn't seem to be a battle she needed her man to fight on her behalf.

The pair were seated next to one another during this interview, though, and it did lead to one of Stewart's funniest points to date. After Rob finished his rants, she said:

"See, if I said that? Crucifixion. You can say so much more than me. It's insane...you could say, 'I just took a s***on the Queen's face,' and people would be like, 'Oh, I love him! I love him!'"

Ha! She's totally right.

P.S. Rob, we prefer to be labeled as "geeks," thank you very much!

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With over 1,300 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in 2009, Miles Austin was a fantasy football sleeper.

Now, due to who he's sleeping with, the Dallas Cowboys wideout is fulfilling the fantasies of men everywhere.

Sources have confirmed that Austin is dating Kim Kardashian, as he and the reality star were spotted on June 6 at Casa Vega in Los Angeles. Witnesses tell Us Weekly "they sat in the back drinking margaritas."

Another source adds that Kim likes Miles, but "doesn't want to rush anything." Why another professional athlete? "Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle," says the insider.

Life of Kim

Miles Austin made a number of great catches in 2009. But he saved his biggest for this spring.

As Ty Lawson hilariously Tweeted this week, Kardashian men have won the Super Bowl and the NBA title over the last few weeks. This bodes well for Cowboys fans.

For football fans, as well: Dallas takes on Reggie Bush and the Saints on Thanksgiving Day. Looks like dinner tables around the country won't be the only ones fighting over breasts that afternoon.

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Bad news for Kourtney Kardashian this week: she's been stabbed in the heart.

Really bad news for celebrity gossip followers: this headline isn't meant in a literal sense.

For the second time in a month, Kourtney's relationship with Scott Disick is front and center on a supermarket tabloid. While previous reports of the pair's split were premature, this one seems REALLY serious!

After all, an anonymous source says the family agrees Scott "needs professional help" because he cheated on his baby mama with some chick in a bikini. OMG, people. OMG...

A stabbing, a surgical nightmare, a baby for Angelina Jolie and a honeymoon for Ian Ziering?!? At least one of these stories is true. Can you guess which?

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Danielle Staub is pathetic.

Because her antics on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in her disgusting sex tape haven't elicited enough attention for this reality star, she's now resorted to exploiting the gay community in order to make headlines.

Following a duet with lesbian singer Lori Michaels this week, Danielle is teasing that she may be a bisexual.

“I’m not ready to say that one way or the other," she told Fox News. "Right now my focus is on my kids, but there is room for one more person in my world. Hopefully soon the world will see that.”

Look, attention-starved loser: coming out of the closet is a big deal to people. It's a life-altering event. You're setting a sad example for those kids by using your sexuality as yet another platform for publicity.

Dark Danielle

Making matters worse, Staub touts herself as an advocate for gay rights.

"I haven’t even begun my work in the gay community yet,” she said. “I want to go to senate, I want to pass a bill and get gay marriage legalized. I go to events, I march in rallies. I’ve been a part of the gay community for 30 years.”

We wonder how that community feels about a woman who exploits its agenda for personal gain. Either come out as a lesbian, or don't, Danielle. You're making a mockery of the cause you claim to care about.

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Over the last few weeks, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have been traveling the globe and promoting Eclipse. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson has been filming Water for Elephants.

But all three stars will converage on Los Angeles tomorrow night for the world premiere of the third Twilight Saga film. They also sat down with Entertainment Weekly recently and talked about the franchise in general. Excerpts from the interview are below:

Stewart, on Bella in Breaking Dawn: One of the main objectives of the series is to get Bella to a point where she’s mature enough to make such a hefty decision, and she goes through a lot. In the fourth one, she is going to become a wife. She is going to become a mom. She is going to become an adult and a vampire. To do it so young, it needs to be believable. I’m really excited about playing that.

Pattinson, on talk that Breaking Dawn is Mormon-themed:  I think people make up all these Mormon references just so they can publish Twilight articles in respectable publications like the New York Times. Even Stephenie [Meyer, author of the Twilight novels] said it doesn’t mean any of that. It is based on a dream.

Lautner, on the conclusion of the series: It will be so weird, the last day of filming that last movie.

Pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly for more from this trio of stars.

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On The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder play Damon Salvatore, an often-scary blood sucker.

But in real life, the actor isn't frightened by garlic or stakes to the heart - he's simply taken aback by the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf.

Vampire Diaries Threesome

A native of Louisiana, Somerhalder was front and center at the CNN telethon that raised $1.8 million this week. He's also devoted the last few weeks to doing all he can to call attention to this region and this catastrophe.

"You know when something bad happens in your life, or something goes wrong - that weird kind of really uneasy feeling you have in the pit of your stomach? I've had that for two months," he told Zap2It, adding:

"Basically, the entire area is shut down. Everyone from the waitress who serves you breakfast to the guy who owns the charter boat to the shrimpers - they all literally rely on the ocean to keep their industry going... Think about how frightening it is when you suddenly, though no fault of your own, can't feed your children or pay your mortgage."

Somerhalder is especially outraged over how and why this accident took place.

"All of this happened due to human error - the error is cutting corners, saving money at the expense of safety measures, and a nonexistent regulatory commission," he said. "The [U.S. Minerals Management Service] gets royalties from the oil industry. How is that any kind of regulatory body?"

It's a question the admistration most definitely has to answer, as many believe this is the time to enact a serious climate change bill and convince America that government can - nay, must! - play an important role in the free market.

Concluded Ian, who we greatly admire for putting himself out there in this manner:

"It's time to change, and I think this disaster is the game changer. It feels like this is one of those catastrophic events that truly changes the way that we think."

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Our heartfelt congratulations go out to Kellie Pickler.

The former American Idol finalist and all-around cutie is engaged to Kyle Jacobs, who proposed to her on June 15.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"It turned out to be the most amazing day of my life," Kellie told People, explaining how the engagement was finalized on the same date as the anniversary of her grandmother's passing. "My whole world changed. We both feel like we got my grandmother's blessing.

"I remember saying to Kyle, 'Baby it's like I'm dreaming – but if this isn't real, I'm going to be very upset!'"

It's real, Kellie, and we wish you the best.

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Adam Lambert kicked off his Glam Nation summer tour last night in New York City with an impression of the Mad Hatter, a bit of man-on-man action and, of course, great music.

The artist performed at the Nokia Theater and, because we've been critical of Miley Cyrus for a simulated same-sex kiss, her ignorant fans will likely get on our case for standing up for Adam and his actions below. But there are major differences here:

  • Miley is straight and pretended to make out with a girl just to seem edgy. Adam actually is gay.
  • Lambert has been flamboyant and eccentric from the moment he stepped on the American Idol stage. Fans always knew exactly what they were getting with him, as there's been no sudden transformation just to sell records - and his clothes remain intact!
  • Adam is not 17 years old.
Man on Man Action

As loyal THG readers know, we adore Adam Lambert.

Few artists out there deliver the kind of energy, enthusiasm and creativity as this former American Idol finalist. Click on the pics below to get closer looks at him in concert last night...

  • Lambert in Concert
  • On-Stage Antics
  • Nokia Theater Performance
  • Totally Decked Out
  • The Tour Begins
  • NYC Concert Photo
  • Eccentric Outfit
  • Adam on Fire
  • What a Performer
  • First Tour Stop

[Photos: Splash News]

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Darn you, Miley Cyrus! This is the second consecutive day you've done something to force our praise, rather than our scorn.

Yesterday, we gave you props for wearing pants and delivering an important message to fans.

Now, we must acknowledge the role you played last night at Nashville Rising: A Benefit Concert For Flood Recovery. The event was held at the Bridgestone Arena in Tennessee and raised money for victims of massive storms in that area earlier this year.

Said Miley, unfortunately bringing the tragedy back to herself: “We have a big farm with crops and I think that was affected a little bit. The scariest thing was not being able to get in touch with people because the phone lines were down."

  • Miley in Nashville
  • Nashville Concert Pic

As seen above, Taylor Swift also played a role in the concert. She said of the flooding:

“For me, the fact that there were members of my band that lost their homes really affected me because those are my friends. Those are the people I call up as soon as we get home. The fact that it affected my band, that’s the most directly it affected me.”

Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, ZZ Top and Miranda Lambert also performed at the event. Below, check out more photos of Miley and Taylor from it:

  • Taylor Swift on Stage
  • Backstage Artists
  • Donning Pants!
  • Doing What She Can

** Sanda Bullock actually made a surprise, on-stage appearance, as well. Watch her on stage below.

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We hated the Los Angeles Lakers before this season even started.

After all, Kobe Bryant is a selfish jerk and their fans are all celebrities, not exactly an underdog, long-suffering group of supporters that it's easy to rally behind.

Then, Lamar Odom went out and married Khloe Kardashian and our hatred for this team intensified. Still, give the Lakers credit for winning a seven-game series against the Celtics and taking home another NBA title last week.

Now that you've done that... go ahead and hate them again! Khloe took part in the squad's celebratory parade around Los Angeles this week, blogging: "Never in a million years did I anticipate it would be as crazy as it was, I was seriously in shock! The fan support was so overwhelming in the greatest way!"

Khloe also bought her husband a $400,000 Rolls Royce for winning the championship, something every athlete with a $33 million contract needs.

Isn't it nice to see Kardashian using the money she's earned - from reading scripts and posing for photos - in such a meaningful way?

Hopefully, Ty Lawson convinces Kim Kardashian to have sex with him this off-season and the Denver Nuggets win it all next year.

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