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Hilton Hater

I am a senior staff writer at THG and a big fan of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. I believe Kim Kardashian is bad for society, but great for attention, and that The Real Housewives should all be banned from existence.

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She may be hated on by every female under the age of 18, but Jasmine Villegas is giving folks a chance to get to know her in the following video.

Currently on tour with Justin Bieber, her rumored boyfriend (based on this photographic evidence), Jasmine plays and dances around behind the scenes in this 90-second sneak peek at life as an artist on the road.

Watch Villegas shake her hips and gyrate her chest on stage for a few seconds, moves that Bieber likely experiences for a lot longer behind closed doors. Sorry, gals...

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Greyson Chance is back, as cute and as talented as ever.

The young singer, who was the first artist to sign with Ellen DeGeneres' record label and plans to release an album this fall, sits calmly at the piano in the video below and blows us away. Watch him sing a cover of Augustana‘s “Fire”  and sound off on the 13-year old:

Will you purchase Greyson's debut CD?


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Shortly after announcing his party's "Pledge to America" - the platform on which Republicans plan to run in the November elections - House Minority Leader John Boehner met briefly with reporters.

He was asked questions about the deficit, foreclosures... and Lisbeth Lyons. The latter is the VP of Government Affairs for the Printing Industries of America, and she's the woman with whom blogger Mike Stark has heard Boehner is having an affair.

Near the end of this video, Stark asks the congressman about Lyons. Watch and see his response:

Is silence an admission of guilty? Of course not. But the least he could have said is: Boehner... I hardly know her!

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Her weight has fluctuated more often than Lindsay Lohan's blood-alcohol level, but Kirstie Alley is proud to announce that it's been a good few months.

"I've lost over 50 lbs... and I'm having the time of my of my life," she Tweeted yesterday, adding: 30 more to gooooo."

Kirstie Alley after, and Kirstie Alley before. Best of luck with your new figure, girlfriend!

In 2009, the actress confessed that she had shot up to 230 pounds, a sad reversal to the 75-pound weight loss she enjoyed via Jenny Craig in 2006.

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For Jennifer Lopez, it was all about family.

Despite rumors that claimed her diva-like demands delayed her inclusion on the American Idol judging panel, the singer is officially on board and told People magazine why in a new interview.

"We're really happy that we get to be in one place with the babies [2-year-old twins Max and Emme] for a while," she said of her and husband Marc Anthony. "This is going to put us here for like six months. It's unheard of for us. The babies can do dance class and soccer practice. We're excited about being a little bit of a normal family for a little while."

Lopez says she never would have guessed this is where her career would go... but that's just part of being an entertainer.

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Since coming in second on American Idol, Adam Lambert has accomplished every professional dream he could ever have imagined.

But while he's proud of his debut album, and excited to be touring the globe these days, nothing has compared to meeting a pair of his personal heroes: Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Speaking to Australia's The Daily Telegraph this week - in anticipation of his October 20 concert in that country - Lambert passed along the words of wisdom these icons shared with him.

  • Glambert Pic
  • Ga Ga Rah-Ah-Ah-AH

Adam Lambert won't be donning a meat dress, but he'll be taking other pieces of advice from Lady Gaga and Madonna.

From Lady Gaga: "She told me about the previous three years. She worked really, really hard before she made it. She told me there's no glamour, you don't get a lot of sleep, you don't get a lot of stability in your social life - you just have to count on yourself and go for it. It was a good pep talk. And she was right."

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Yesterday, we showed readers one way in which Brittney Jones has recently exposed herself. Yowza!

Now, the 21-year old who claims to have had an affair with Ashton Kutcher has bared all in a different setting: via text message.

Ashton Picture

What, Ashton worry? The actor has scoffed at reports that he stepped out on his wife.

Radar Online has somehow gotten its hands on a couple of texts Jones allegedly sent to a friend. In the first, Brittney actually says she's friends with Demi Moore; in the second, she looks down on all marriages between celebrities.

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We know he can sing, and we know he can make out with Jasmine Villegas in the backseat of a car... but can Justin Bieber act?

That was the question heading into last night's CSI season premiere, as the young artist took on the dramatic role of troubled teen Jason McCann on the CBS drama.

Did you catch Bieber in action? If not, we've got a look at the star in character below; first in still images, and then via a clip:

CSI Stint
  • Justin as Jason
  • The Biebs on CBS
  • On CSI

Click on the above images to enlarge shots of Justin on CSI, and watch a scene of his acting debut now:

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Michaele Salahi has been immortalized. Not as one of the most despicable, attention-starved individuals to ever grace our television set, although that's certainly the case.

But as a plastic action figure, one actually dressed in the same attire as Salahi wore to crash the White House.

Michaele, Tareq Salahi

The world's worst stocking stuffer is brought to us by HeroBuilders, the same company that has also produced dolls of Sarah Palin, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin.

Nice to see that company setting the bar so high, isn't it?

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Kim Zolciak loves her new boobs. Well, her new new boobs, considering the Real Housewife of Atlanta got implants at age 20.

But those enhanced breasts looked "crazy and saggy" to the reality star four months ago, she told In Touch Weekly, so she went under the knife again. The result?

Photo of Kim Zolciak

"They're so perky. I feel fantastic!" Zolciak says, pretty much summing up the opposite reaction everyone had when listening to her sing "Google Me."

Study this HOT photo and then decide: Would you hit it?


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